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Catching view of her father's puzzled look Kerri came to the realization that she was standing on the table holding her spoon up in the air.
If York win at the Thunderdome, Gateshead will remain bottom of the NFP and face a huge task to avoid the wooden spoon.
The last two Grand Slams were followed by a wooden spoon and that outcome is not entirely out the question this year.
He sighed and dropped his forehead against the heel of his hand, digging the spoon into his bowl.
Anything with a crust, between two slices of bread or poured into a bowl and eaten with a spoon is allowed.
Using a slotted spoon, fill the lined bowl with the fruit to about a centimetre below the top.
A high fibre diet, plenty of water, and a dessert spoon of linseeds each day should help.
Once the ensuing reverential silence has descended, spoon out into bowls, inundate with custard and eat slowly and appreciatively.
After all, last year was a true wooden spoon with losses all the way, so this is a good guide to see how far we have come.
It's one thing beating Italy and Scotland, who are competing for the wooden spoon.
A finish anywhere above the wooden spoon position, he believes, would be a decent start.
Before the season started the Scots fans were probably eyeing Rome as a wooden spoon decider and so it was, but not for Scotland.
Everyone is waiting for them to meet head-to-head to sort out whose name gets inscribed on the wooden spoon.
Graham and the team have now been presented with a wooden spoon booby prize for their efforts.
Flipping the television off, I went to the kitchen sink where I rinsed out my bowl and spoon and returned to the bathroom.
This silver spoon has the shape of an Apostle spoon, with an human figure on the stem's finial and a skeleton on the base.
Cook over a low heat until the mixture barely thickens and lightly coats the back of the spoon.
Use your hands or a wooden spoon to toss so that the vegetables are lightly coated with oil.
The only thing better than torta di ricotta is fresh ricotta straight off the spoon.
Return the scallops to the pan, season with cracked black pepper and spoon over steaming jasmine rice to serve.
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The two women did not put on a plate or salt spoon without the avowed intention of worrying the Lorilleuxs.
Dear me, would you mind, young man, just asking Dear Miss Dall to pass the salt spoon.
Then beat up a fresh egg in milk and add as much arrowroot or cornflour as will lie flat in a salt spoon.
Now do you think there is any good in my hunting any more for the salt spoon, Mr. Hudson?
Drop from a small spoon on paraffine paper on a baking sheet and bake a delicate brown in a cool oven.
Nationally and socially, domestically and personally, he is a spoon with nothing in it!
Jack Bates looked up from emptying the third spoon of sugar into his coffee.
Not long 'fore sundown dey give evvy slave chile a wooden bowl of buttermilk and cornpone and a wooden spoon to eat it wid.
Two epilation forceps, one ditto with leaf shaped ends and catch, three spoon probes, one spatula probe.
He had been examining a glass, a spoon and some other objects so quietly that I had not heard.
If the dessert is pudding, a spoon or fork should be placed on the plate at one side of the finger bowl.
He continued to play with his egg, flecking off the broken bits of shell with the point of his spoon.
Then whisk your cream up very well, take off the froth with a spoon, and fill the glasses carefully, as full as they will hold.
The Arab eats his couscous out of a great wooden platter, and disdains knife or fork or spoon.
Muckraking was just beginning in those days, and a prying reformer came to live for a while at the greasy spoon.
Various articles may be added, such as oyster fork, bouillon spoon, salad fork and so forth.
I took a spoon for the crumbs from my box at noon, Grace loved cake, even the crumby kind.
They should then be drained in a cullender, and chopped fine with a knife or edge of a spoon.
The ice is served into a cut glass cup and placed on the plate with a spoon.
I'm tired of being fed with a medicine spoon, and only let me get a sight o' Leyden at the end of my six-gun, and blooey!
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