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Take the sight that greeted visitors to the seaside town of Largs last weekend, of the official Scotland team bus in all its splendid livery.
Admire the splendid view and head to the underground tram station to have authentic old west food and shop at a real trading post!
After eight hours, we had gone solo and had splendid dog fights over the moors, huge fun, especially after two pints of rough cider!
The city has a splendid system of water works, furnishing an abundance of pure, refreshing, artesian water.
One of the nicest gifts I ever received was a splendid loaf of bread the student had baked.
Some are grown for their architectural qualities such as the splendid royal fern, which can reach 1.2m in height in boggy conditions.
There are signposted vantage points on the way which give splendid views showing how the Ice Ages carved and shaped the landscape.
This makes it a splendid tracklement for cheddar cheese, cold meats, pies and game as well as haslet or brawn.
And when she opened it, she found garments beset with gold and with jewels, more splendid than those of any king's daughter.
The Saltburn trainer saddles The Granby in the Minnow Novices' Chase and Richard Guest's mount has a splendid chance of victory.
Meanwhile, out on the patio, the sole survivor of the six lupins we planted last year has produced a splendid spear of pale pink blossom.
As governor of Isfahan he had all the Safavid palaces destroyed, leaving only their splendid mosques.
Over the years there have been splendid displays of flowers which really make the island attractive.
Each book does a splendid job of tracing the origins and development of a religious doctrine and its impact on the mundane world.
The Greeks seem to have been fascinated by the splendid costumes of the Persians and the bodies they concealed.
In the middle of the period are the splendid voluntaries, written by Henry Heron, John Keeble and William Russell.
Many such autoloaders have disappeared from the market, though the models in question remain splendid firearms.
Following a splendid banquet there were formal addresses and exchange of gifts by officials.
This version is splendid in its magnificence, and gives the film its proper due.
But even within the memory of this splendid Olympics there still hangs the huge shadow of the use of performance enhancing substances.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It was to him, with his splendid power of vision, like gazing into a kinetoscope.
How my neck used to ache when looking aloft, unweaving the intricacies of that splendid interior!
Hers was a fine frame, broad and square of shoulder, tall and lank of hip as some great tiger-cat, and splendid in its sinuosity.
Now the docks are a splendid piece of japonaiserie, both odd, peculiar, and terrific.
Sometimes this covering has been sordid and mean, pedantic or unesthetic, sometimes most splendid.
He stood upwards of six feet in his boots, had a splendid head of curling black hair, and a mustachio and whiskers to match.
It is splendid, this indifference of Nature to death, and her greediness for life!
Handsome, realistic renderings of 40 splendid felines, from American shorthair to exotic types.
Poor huia grew into a splendid and talented youth, but was disabled by an accident while diving.
It is a celebrated stronghold of Jainism, and here is another most splendid temple.
The women wore splendid bronze ornaments, such as finger-rings, bracelets, torques and brooches.
His long hair was unbraided and hung upon his shoulders, veiling the upper half of his splendid body.
He was a splendid specimen of physical manhood, big and well-muscled, with a broad, flat back and soldierly carriage.
She had no feeling other than a great, unvoiced joy in the splendid manhood of it all.
Then there were splendid liveries, and all manner of gaudiness, not without some taste.
The bacchante did some splendid firing, right into the trenches every time.
Strength is a splendid thing, but it must be used to help other and weaker people, not to aggrandize oneself.
The passing between Christie and harrower that day was splendid, and fairly astonished the Renton backs and goalkeeper.
His energetic and splendid style of writing elevated the journalism of sports from the slipslop methods of his predecessors.
The soilure of the earth upon it could not make his splendid little face funny.
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