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How to use spindly in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word spindly? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The spindly, 15-foottall branches of the ocotillo, bare and dead-looking things under dry conditions, are fully leafed out.
I have a chaste tree with a nice full shape, but the upper limbs seem spindly, and they all lean in one direction.
Clay tablets with its spindly arrangements of flicks and crosses started to appear by the thousands, recording paeans, epics and incantations.
What was revealed was nothing more than an odd pearlescent orb on a spindly pedestal.
Just when you thought field emission displays were dead as disco, they come dancing back on stage on the small, spindly legs of carbon nanotubes.
A tall tech with spindly legs and oversized glasses shrieks as he starts to pick up the poor damaged piece of gadgetry like it's his own child.
She sighed and picked him up, cradling him in her spindly arms and lifting up her thin top.
Being a rather spindly and tall individual, he can't manoeuvre into position to have a crack at goal.
De Peisser, loathe to chase heels, is heaving a pack triply out of proportion to his lank, spindly frame.
Instead of viciously attacking them, the amphibian began to speak in a gurgling voice, thin spindly arms waving about.
He was a rather thin, spindly boy with plain brown hair and plain brown eyes and plain, light brown skin.
Accompanied by spindly psychic Matthew Lillard, he comes to a grisly end in pursuit of his latest quarry.
Rather than being set in stone, the iron trough containing the canal is balanced on top of hundred-foot long, spindly legs.
It had been a large house, with three stories and a tall, spindly tower on one end.
If it does not receive some sun, it won't spread and looks thin and spindly.
Quite ready for a lie-down, Jon sat in a large red chair next to a spindly little table.
Eight fortified guard towers ringed the eight-sided central keep, lining its periphery like the spindly legs of a gigantic spider.
He was armed with a long piece of hoe stick as ran on his spindly legs towards the yelping dogs.
Infected tomato plant leaves become mottled and discolored and the stalks grow weak and spindly.
He captured them seated practically back to back on spindly gilt chairs at a fashion show, in an invisible yet palpable fog of unpleasantness.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Pink touched the herons wings, its beak, its head, its glittering beady eyes and spindly leg.
When they had mounted, spindly started off as suddenly as hours before it had stopped.
Did you notice what prodigiously long fingers he had, and what spindly legs?
This officer was over six foot, while I was a spindly little fellow.
She speaks with earnest enthusiasm, her spindly arms waving to underscore important points.
It is located 50 million light-years away and is spiral-shaped like our Milky Way, with long, spindly arms of stars.
The boy's fatigues are damp to the knees, their dark cloth clinging to his spindly legs as he silently follows a scattering of discarded yellowed husks and dried corncobs.
Any branches that are spindly, diseased or dead can be removed entirely.
Branches that look spindly, diseased or have died back can be removed.
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