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She's 18 and not working at the moment so I'll be seeing a fair bit of her, though she spends most of her time with her boyfriend.
California, which has the three strikes system, now spends more on its prison system than on education, say civil rights groups.
Their actual words were, mama gets a big check for us, she spends it on herself and we shop at a thrift store.
The charity in question is Chicago Gateway Green, which spends most of its energy keeping freeways and medians pleasantly landscaped.
A natural endurance athlete, he spends a lot of time meditating, doing yoga, and simply focusing on breathing.
Hydra never goes through a medusoid stage, and spends its entire life as a polyp.
He portrays himself as a tightwad who is tight on the purse, spends nothing, drops taxes, and holds back on expenditure.
The ship has cabins for all the crew, who are mostly Filipino or Syrian, and Pat often spends time on the ship.
Watch any bird for a while, and you will see that it spends a lot of time preening its feathers and bathing in water or dust.
There is a pedant on your staff who spends far too much of his time searching for split infinitives.
Both Watson and Mycroft are dead, and Holmes spends his time bee-keeping and writing letters.
Basically, he's a nice sort of nondescript guy, who spends a weekend hanging out with odd groups.
A boor's boor, he spends much of the book mewling about the end of England when he's exactly the sort of person England needs saving from.
It spends most of its life buried deep in the soil in a shriveled, torpid state.
He can also bench-press an impressive 150 kgs, and spends a lot of his training time in a gym.
The average Brit spends longer on the job than any other European in return for no more than an average GNP per capita and middling or low wages.
Mr Gonsell spends half an hour a day reading the New York Times and Washington Post to keep abreast with international news.
If you have a nagging boyfriend or girlfriend who spends too much of your money, this is a great one.
Appropriately, he spends most of his days on tramp steamers, skiffs and barges.
It spends a good portion showing how to clean almost every fish imaginable.
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