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I'm sure he will go on to achieve great things at the club, and will one day be held in the same regard here as he is down on the south coast.
There is more chance of a freak storm or asteroid hitting the south coast of England.
The south coast of Peru is the region that much of Andean prehistory bases its archaeological chronology on, so this is not a minor issue.
Brian was therefore sent to a preparatory school on the south coast as a boarder.
He owns a family estate in Mittagong, a south coast beach house, and a string of other investments.
Our plan was to cruise eastward, taking advantage of the countercurrents along Cuba's south coast.
They are now about 120 miles from the key port of San Pedro on the south coast.
Britain is in the grip of a gastric flu outbreak that has spread from hospitals in Scotland to the south coast, health chiefs said yesterday.
The route continued contouring the south coast, the border regions, and the north coast on return to Dili.
Gatwick is conveniently situated a mere 35 minutes from Brighton, making it ideally placed for anyone staying on the south coast.
Throughout Iron Age times Hengistbury Head was an important port for ships crossing the English Channel or voyaging along the south coast.
Ascot has royalty, Goodwood offers glorious views towards England's south coast, but, for sheer style and panache, Longchamp is peerless.
As a practice nurse on the south coast, I have seen a record number of patients recently presenting with deafness caused by impacted earwax.
Edward was a year old then, and we were happily ensconced on the south coast.
Brighton, located on the south coast of the UK, is very well provisioned for the accommodation of visitors.
Brighton, on the south coast and one hour by train from London, is the most raffish, louche and exciting of British seaside towns.
A difference is also observed between the mineralogy of the arenosols of the north area from the ones developed in the south coast.
Now the juggernauts and caravans are thundering up again from the south coast on their extra lanes.
In 875, Alfred went to sea with a small naval force and on the south coast of Wessex met 7 Viking longships and defeated them.
In severe years the sea ice extends along the north coast, and in extremely severe years it reaches the south coast.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The south coast of Ireland and the Bristol Channel seem to have been a favourite hunting-ground at this period.
On the south coast, directly opposite Matanzas, lies a vast swamp known as the cienega de Zapata.
She had been cruising off the coast, and had put in at the mouth of the nieve, and at Jaquemel on the south coast of Hayti.
If so, then I can't understand what he was doing off the south coast of Mindanao.
Manzanillo is on the south coast of Cuba, two hundred miles east of Trinidad, and thus on the way to Jamaica!
The Takahashis went on a three weeks vacation to the south coast of Honshu, and all was peaceful, externally at least.
The iron on the south coast is loaded into the steamers from the wharves at daiquiri and Juraguay.
What was the purpose of the martello towers which were built along England's south coast?
The story of the ship was known, by this, all up the Channel from Land's End to the Forelands, and we could get no crew on the south coast.
The charges relate to more than 50 trips in the Solway Firth and off the south coast of England for which catches were not declared.
So I set off eastward along the south coast, hoping to find a house where I might warm myself, and perhaps get news of those I had lost.
On the south coast of the island of Thasos, there is a mound known as Limenaria where recent excavations have brought to light levels dating to the middle Neolithic period.
A businessman last week completed a dive off the south coast of Ireland to the wreckage of the British ocean liner Lusitania, sunk by a German U-boat in the First World War.
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