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Sentence Examples
The bubbles grow in size until they are collapsed rapidly by the compression region of the sound wave.
During the low-pressure phase of each sound wave, bubbles expanded rapidly.
This is important because a long wavelength means that the sound wave can pass around barriers, like rocks, easily.
Once this is done, you would need to place as many as 400 small speakers in various parts of the room so that the sound wave can be amplified.
When the diaphragm vibrates under the action of a sound wave, the current in the circuit varies due to the varying capacitance of the condenser.
We hear different sounds because of variations in the sound wave frequency.
The receiving devices samples a plurality of points on the near side of the structure to detect vibrations resulting from reflections of the sound wave from the object.
Sound wave vibrations are absorbed by leaves, branches and twigs of trees and shrubs.
This paper Crighton studied the sound wave associated with a turbulent fluid flow over a discontinuous surface formed by two semi-infinite flexible planes.
When a sound wave hits a green anole lizard, for instance, the energy causes the lizard's chest wall to vibrate in tune with the wave.
Hyperbolic localization is time-difference of arrival of sound wave to microphone pair evaluation method enabling to find sound source position coordinates.
It is delivered safely with minimal or no side effects and we can combine it with acoustic shock or sound wave to remove the dead fat cells even faster.
Examples from Classical Literature
All of the characteristics of a sound wave may be graphically represented by curves.
Even the sound wave, or wave of concussion, had a mind to distinguish itself.
According to the wave theory, a condensation and rarefaction are necessary to constitute a sound wave.
If the air is removed from around the apparatus no sound wave can go forth.
The sound wave appears in the first dozen pictures as a hazy ring of light, opening out from the center of explosion.
The form of the reflected light wave will be identical with that of a sound wave reflected under similar conditions.
In the first picture the sound wave C appears as a circle of light and shade, and has just intersected the plate.
The sound wave starts in one focus and the reflected wave, of spherical form also, shrinks to a point at the other focus.
The device creates a sound wave which pushes abnormal tumour cells to one side as they pass through, away from white blood cells.
Surely, if a condensation is not produced, there can be no sound wave!
The device creates a sound wave which pushes abnormal tumour cells to one side, away from white blood cells.
TouchThruMetal uses the latest in sound wave technology to detect the touch of the surface of just about any material.
Radio waves are detected with an antenna, and a sound wave can be extracted with a demodulator, then sent to speakers courtesy of an amplifier.
The transducer transmits the sound wave pulse recordings to a monitor, which shows the peaks of the pulses.
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