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In fact, he had invented an amazing type of speaker that really allowed pure sound to come through.
He waved his hand slightly and the clock fell apart, its pieces clattering to the floor, adding sound to the once silent room.
The room grew silent and the howl of the midnight wind was the only sound to punctuate the tableau.
The only sound to be heard was the monotonous hum of the engine as the car continued its trek down the long quiet street.
The man lifted a whistle that hung around his neck and blew into it, causing a sharp, shrill sound to be emitted.
I am rewarded by her laughter which, as you can imagine, is an agreeable sound to male ears.
The only sound to be heard was the quiet whistling of the wind through the trees and the occasional owl hooting somewhere off in the distance.
A small ear bone called the stirrup that helps transmit sound to the inner ear.
The wall or ceiling is subtly pierced, allowing sound to travel through to the soft backing, which absorbs the sound and prevents reverberation.
The captured waves vibrate the eardrum and tiny bones of the middle ear to amplify and pass the sound to the inner ear.
What more pleasure can there be than putting sound to Mozart in these elegant serenades?
Abasi and Raiden turned towards the sound to see a tall man with coal black hair, turquoise eyes, and honey skin the color of a light tan.
Now, a scientist believes male dwarf minke whales may make a sci-fi sound to attract females.
From the motor racing stables come two thoroughbreds that will add a new sound to the roar away from the green lights.
A family of sea lions bellowed their conversation somewhere down the coastline, adding a deep, rich sound to the serene atmosphere.
If an actor forgot his lines, a special button was pressed to cut off the sound to the viewer.
The sheer genius of the disc though is how quickly it goes from a light pop sound to a deep, rumbling industrial sound.
I lay deadly still and tried to listen for a sound to give me a clue to where I was, but all I could hear was my own erratic breathing.
Samples, tapes, synths, drum programmes and all-sorts have been embedded into the sound to create a dynamic asperity.
The shrill whistle of the hoary marmot is a familiar sound to Alaskans, especially to hikers with dogs.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Why should we leave it sound to belch its shot, mayhap, on English craft some day?
The case must be strong enough to counteract the tension of the strings and yet light enough to allow the sound to resonate.
When the distance is too short for the reflecting sound to be heard, we have resonance.
The savage cry of a prowler came, like a sound to match, and the attack was on.
Selenium, the chemical element used in the operation, transmits the sound to the telephone, and your spoken word is reproduced.
Your dogmas and inculcations sound to me like the last words of a bicycle pump.
How puerile does all this sound to one who has seen and tasted the royal jelly!
All along the way the only sound to be heard was the whirring of the arms of the windmills.
They began to writhe about his limbs, but drew no sound to vie with their crackling.
I had never before seen or heard this bird, and its loud cackle in the woods about moxie was a new sound to me.
Adjustable extensions on the speakers brought the sound to the bone of the skull.
The only sound to be heard was the drip of the chicken juice falling into the pan.
Sugar is not so sweet to the palate as sound to the healthy ear.
Some freak of air pressures and air currents, he reflected, had made it possible for the sound to carry so far.
The hyla's tremulous cry was the only musical sound to be heard.
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