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The lake may have dried up or nearly dried up periodically, producing outward concentric zones of albite, analcime, clinoptilolite, and smectite.
In the presence of kaolinite and illite, aggregate sizes were smaller and sinking rates lower than in the presence of smectite and quartz.
Clay minerals are mainly illite and chlorite, with only traces of smectite, vermiculite and kaolinite.
The other two silicates are possibly an amphibole and a member of the smectite group.
The Lafayette meteorite contains abundant iddingsite, a fine-grained intergrowth of smectite clay, ferrihydrite, and ionic salt minerals.
The limestone-dolomite breccia is characterized by abundant palygorskite, minor sepiolite, rare kaolinite and near absence of smectite.
The clay is composed of illite and kaolinite, with minor amounts of chlorite and smectite.
Although type 1 Mg-smectite may be derived from tektitcs, or volcanic glass, there is strong evidence that the smectite spherules are of tektite origin.
The clay mineral smectite, with physical properties that make it unsuitable as a soil if it is wet, is only found in major amounts in covered stadiums.
Common clays are usually mixtures of clay minerals such as illite, smectite, and kaolinite, together with fine silica and other minor constituents.
In most sedimentary rocks, mica, feldspar and less stable minerals have been reduced to clay minerals like kaolinite, illite or smectite.
The transformation of smectite to illite produces silica, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and water.
Clay is a natural mineral of the smectite family of phyllosilicate group shaped crystals with a layered structure.
For example, Zeolite was dominated by heulandite, with lesser amounts of quartz and smectite.
As reported by those authors, interstratification accounts for the high CEC of basalt-derived soils containing smectite in southern Brazil.
Clay components include chlorite, iolite, kaolinite and smectite.
Lacking in Al-polymers in the interlayer region, vermiculite and smectite display a greater expandability and contractibility than their hydroxy-interlayered counterparts.
Microbial Reduction of Fe in Smectite Minerals by Thermophilic Methanogen Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus.
Smectite to illite diagenesis in early Miocene sediments from the hyperthermal western Pannonian Basin.
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