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For a smart casual look, you can don a stylish pair of elongated, pointy ankle boots.
This winter, chiffon dresses and smart coats in red, burgundy, pink and purple play the leading role in the collection.
If you doubt the power of the aesthetics of clockwork, look at the prices in a smart watchmaker's shop.
Really smart, very friendly, accessible, and definitely more on top of what is going on in the lab.
This could easily be an excuse for lazy writing, but I felt enough smart moves were made to forgive the bad ones as mistakes by the characters.
I have no quarrels with the broad thrust of the ambitions laid out in the smart, successful Scotland strategy.
Some very smart people have worked on ways to get around these problems or at least to quantify them carefully.
They're too smart, competitive and driven to do anything so foolish as get in each other's way.
The patch of ground she was sweeping is now a smart lawn rimmed with flowers and a vegetable garden.
He apparently is smart enough to know an anachronistic and politically inaccurate comparison when he sees one.
The smart young women at the agency made it clear that they considered me well over the hill.
I needed to talk with someone who was very smart, someone who I absolutely trusted, someone who knew me as well as I knew myself.
She can kit herself out with a smart new wardrobe to disguise her more ample post-baby figure.
She's attractive, smart, as talky as this guy, about the same age and she has a sense of humor about blind dates.
Last night the man took one final comment from a man in the front row, an intellectual-looking cove in a smart suit.
Black waistcoats over a white shirt is the order of the day, and very smart it looks too.
Gorgeous, smart, sexy, mysterious she is held up as the ultimate yummy mummy.
To present smart new buildings and amenities to the world is one thing, truly regenerating an area is quite another.
The young man looked smart in his suit and bow-tie, the young lady stunning in her deb's dress, the picture of happiness and carefree youth.
It's no fun going after someone who has no experience on television but a really smart statesman and politician like him, you bet.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Bathing in Loch Fyne the next morning, he got horribly bitten by gadflies, and vented his smart in a set of doggrel rhymes.
Bathing in Loch Fyne the next morning, he got horribly bitten by gad-flies, and vented his smart in a set of doggrel rhymes.
And the worst of it is my countrypeople seem to think it's the smart thing to go to them, which they do most indiscriminately.
But Persis was perfect to the saddle, part of the horse, as fearless and as expert in her smart gear as any cowgirl of the plains.
A haversack was on his back, hanging from lanyards that creased a smart coat.
She was brought here from Virginia to be a field hand, but she was smart as a whip, and lived to be 118 years old.
The point of the cutlass just passed my hip-bone, and gave me a smart flesh-wound.
Then try it by bringing down the dabber upon a clean sheet of paper with a smart blow.
On the contrary, he was smart and dapper, and looked like the light-weight horseman he is.
Mrs. delf, the smart and proverbially energetic landlady, was instructed to prepare a more than usually recherch collation.
That troop has a miserable runt of a fice, and he's smart the same as such pups often are.
Miss Pritchett flushed and tossed her head till the aigrette in her smart little bonnet shook like a leaf.
Now, if you're smart you can make a dollar a day easy, and save up part of it.
He could not read or write, but he was wise, And knew right smart how to extemporize.
Unfortunately, to keep a smart custom, you must advertize, and for this I had no money.
As the detective, with a smart blow back of its head, put his catch out of misery, Bartlett spoke.
When a man asked for a checkweighman, in the language of the super he was getting too smart.
See thou fall not hastily into the like offence, else shalt thou smart from Childermas to All-hallowtide.
He kisses and loves all, and, when the smart of the rod is past, smiles on his beater.
Drawn up at the curb behind them was a smart two-seated phaeton, with a pair of clean-limbed bays.
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