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I shortened my skirt by 7 inches and lowered the vent by 2 inches because I'm under 5 feet.
She wore a black ankle-length skirt with a scarlet knit shirt with three quarter sleeves.
She smiled at me and performed a pirouette, her skirt rising up to reveal a flash of white knickers.
The girl has blonde hair and was wearing high-heeled boots, a knee-length beige skirt and a black top.
This season, a floaty chiffon knee-length skirt paired with a Fair Isle sweater or a tweedy jacket will look extremely hip.
Dressing in my normal school uniform of a pleated skirt, white blouse, and black knee-highs, I joined Seth downstairs.
Maura quickly smoothed down her gray pleated skirt and pulled up her school knee-highs.
She was wearing a short black skirt, knee-high black boots, and a pink halter top.
Melissa wore a grey sleeveless top with a leather collar, knee-high brown boots and a black pleated skirt.
She wore a very short, black leather skirt and a pair of knee-high black leather boots.
Nor is she a colleen, a frail, a skirt, a broad, a womyn, a twist, or any other synonym.
For God's sake, woman, it's a tweed skirt and a polo neck with a pair of boots.
They wolf-whistle, ask for your name, your number, etc, and one even commented that Tuppy's skirt is very short.
I lift the covers at the foot of the bed and grab at her, mostly getting a handful of her skirt.
Standing up, she tugged down at the tiny skirt, wobbling uncertainly in her tall heels.
The skirt of the dress was bunched up around the hips then loosened as it flowed out to the ankles.
Audrey held one end of her skirt bunched up inside her fist, the other firmly planted on her hip.
The tight skirt she was wearing was all bunched up at her waist and her high heels were trying to fall off her dangling feet.
She was dressed in a gray wool skirt and white shirt and black heels, not very fashionable, very plain, even for my taste.
She was jogging in a pair of bright red heels, matching tank top, and a white, linen skirt.
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Examples from Classical Literature
You often find a dozen of these little green bells fastened to your skirt if you have been where the agrimony grows.
She raised her skirt and the girls shrieked with laughter at the baggy stockings.
Anderson looked at the lacy, beribboned thing which his mother wore over her black silk skirt, and said it was very pretty.
Use the large square for the skirt of the apron and the small square for the bib.
Mrs. Blair staggered to her feet, entangled by her skirt, and pitching like a ship at sea.
She took off her apron and seated herself, smoothing the bombasine skirt over her knees.
On the south-east he extended his conquests to the carpathian mountains, where they skirt the plains of Hungary.
The plain gathered skirt was fastened to the full waist by a wide belt of the chambray.
The chemisette is of lace, to match that upon the skirt, and is fastened at the throat by a simple knot of pink ribbon.
Baroness Radziwill executed precise jumps on her claybank, her split skirt flapping gayly.
It would be nothing, but for the conjoint circumstance of the shot through the skirt.
A skirt of burnt-orange serge of homespun or linen, and shirt-waists of orange linen or crepe de Chine.
First the sabatons were put on, then the jambs, genouillire and cuisses, then the skirt or breech of mail round the waist.
The flutter of the departing skirt, as he came into the room, assured him it was one of these.
She was holding up her skirt with one hand, and the other arm was akimbo at her waist.
The seam at the skirt, the armhole, sleeve, and collar are the shorter ones.
Dolly's short skirt revealed nether extremities which would have done great credit to Barnum's fat lady or a baby grand piano!
Aimee wrapped her two children in her skirt, as if to protect them.
Their only clothing is a breechcloth and a short skirt of flayed bark.
The swish of her brocaded spreading skirt was loud and sensuous.
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