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How to use siam in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word siam? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
And it's a natural for musicals, where we've seen, for example, the King of Siam transformed from a bully to a man when he learns to polka.
The Special Operations division deployed missions and detachments in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, Burma, Siam, and China.
What better time to take advantage of the tranquility and beauty of Siam Country Club!
On September 8, the Thai legation in Washington DC, USA announced that the designation for the nation abroad would be Siam and not Thailand.
As Siam could not manufacture enough, Dutch guilders and Mexican pesos were introduced and counter stamped.
Since Monday the 8th was a holiday, golfers from the Three Sisters gathered at Siam on Tuesday the 9th to see who would be the braggart for the week.
The scent includes plumeria, Casablanca lily, Siam wood and musk.
He sought out the remnants of Siam in Thailand, and Rhodesia in Zimbabwe, and Leningrad in St. Petersburg.
Yes, these days, Nazism is all the rage in the land formerly known as Siam.
Established back in 1977 the Siam View Hotel escaped regulations due to the long civil war and its remoteness.
These aircraft are a key addition to Siam Air Transport s fleet as they continue to expand their route network in the region.
There are several species of the Fireback pheasant, the most common of which is the Siamese, which inhabits parts of Siam.
It is a nutritional algae, known as spirulina, cultivated just steps away on the hotel's rooftop 27 stories above Siam Square.
We are very pleased to announce this lease placement with Siam Air Transport, a new customer for ALC in Asia.
Siam was an aftermath of King Rama V's bureaucratic reforms, which aimed to transform the feudal Thai society into a modernized state.
Even outside its formal empire, Britain controlled trade with many countries such as China, Siam, and Argentina.
They brought with them envoys from Siam, Semudera, Aden, and other countries, who bore tribute in local products.
The Chinese called this region Xian, which the Portuguese converted into Siam.
Thailand was renamed to Siam from 1946 to 1948, after which it again reverted to Thailand.
Prior to 1932, the Kingdom of Siam did not possess a legislature, as all legislative powers were vested in the person of the monarch.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A line from Bangkok to Bianghsen, in Siam, is being projected at the present time.
And then I was left alone with my ship, anchored at the head of the Gulf of Siam.
The faces of the figures on the stelae are the faces one can see to-day in Cambodia and Siam.
We had to ask no end of questions about Siam because the lecture was postponed for the absentees.
At noon on this day the two vessels were forty-four miles up the Gulf of Siam.
In 1897 Siam restored the nominal authority of Kedah, but the measure was not productive of good.
In Siam, what little is known of dancing is confined to the people of Laos.
The army of Pegu at length besieged the city of odia, in which the king of Siam resided.
These bowls were sometimes imported from Siam and other countries, and vessels of raku were made for the same purpose.
The ruler of Northern Siam was Mah-thamma RJ, related to the fourteenth king as son-in-law, and to the last as brother-in-law.
For yourself, I will indicate to you in writing a mission of some importance in Siam which I destine to your care.
I doubt if the last change in the boundary of Siam is shown before you.
Vanillin also occurs in Siam benzoin, in raw beet-sugar and in cloves.
Junks from Siam trading with cebu were also encountered by the Spaniards.
Sugar is a great article of export in Cochin-China and Siam.
In Siam cremation is the general way of disposing of the dead.
In Siam the Buddhist religion has been preserved pure and uncorrupted.
These states tributary to Siam contain a population of about two millions.
Jodie Foster stars as the school teacher who melts the heart of the King of Siam in this songless retelling of the classic story.
The first two are good articles, though not equal to the sugars of Siam.
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