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If scientists treat blood cells with an enzyme to remove sialic acid, the parasite can no longer invade.
Biochemical markers of metastasis such as lung hydroxyproline, uronic acid, serum sialic acid and gammaglutamyl transpeptidase were estimated.
Removal of sialic acid enables a virus to enter a host cell to replicate as well as to exit the host cell.
Many pathogens use sugar groups of surface glycoproteins, in particular sialic acid residues, as receptors for invasion.
Complex N-linked oligosaccharides are negatively charged if they contain sialic acid.
In an antennary structure, some antennae may be capped by sialic acid whereas others may be uncapped.
Then, glucose branches made out of N-galactose, fructose, and sialic acid are attached to the basic structure.
The most complex of these are the gangliosides, which contain one or more sialic acid residues and thus have a net negative change under physiological conditions.
Use of sialic acid or a salt thereof in the manufacture of a medicament for inhibiting cancer metastasis.
Gangliosides represent a group of sialic acid membrane glycolipids strongly expressed in the peripheral nervous system.
They then screened 2.1m of these mutant viruses to see which bind to sialic acid of the mammalian variety.
Molecular design of a PET-based chemosensor for uronic acids and sialic acids utilizing a cooperative action of boronic acid and metal chelate.
The virus uses hemagglutinin to bind sialic acid linkages on the surface of the epithelial cells.
The particular nutrients Sonnenburg's team looked at were sialic acid and fucose, a couple of members of the sugar family.
Lysosomal sialidase cleans sialic acid residues located in the last part of gangliosides, oligosaccharides and glycoproteins.
Diabetes mellitus is associated with an increase in sialic acid concentration along with other complications.
Previous studies have found that beta-amyloid attacks brain cells by attaching to sialic acid molecules that are abundant on the cells' surfaces.
The research should establish in detail the conformational control of the sialic acid residue on type III group B Streptococcus polysaccharide.
Hemagglutinin binds to sialic acid, a sugar moiety on the surface of many cells.
These Siglecs are proteins that recognize different versions of sialic acid, sugars that stud cells in the body.
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