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He had a run in with some Russians at a laundromat in Brooklyn not too long ago, and he's been two bricks shy of a load ever since.
Unfortunately, the audience stopped just shy of eliciting an encore from these gentlemen, which is a shame.
But, just a few months shy of his 28th birthday, as well as reaching his peak physically, he feels that he is at his mental best, too.
The board subsequently decided to call it quits, just shy of what would have been the Classic's 20th event.
Admittedly, I have always been shy of allowing others to read my work, reserving that right to a select few.
I had previously fought shy of this venue thinking its prices would be beyond our budget.
It was good old pop queen Madonna, three years shy of 50 and bouncing around like it was still 1985, who tackled the issue head on.
He died there in a hail of bullets over Labor Day weekend, two months shy of his 26th birthday.
Just shy of its 180th birthday, the oldest political party in the country voted itself out of existence in early December.
Although there has only been one disqualification, 15 drivers are two points shy of being automatically disqualified for six months.
The band often seem shy of their own talents, content to hammer a sloppy backbeat under familiar-sounding changes.
Rafique then trapped Rogers lbw one shy of a well-deserved half-century with one that turned in to the left-hander.
Never shy of taking risks, the series tackled such contentious issues as feminism and South African apartheid.
While she still speaks an accented Hindi, she is more confident in her speeches and is not shy of meeting the media.
That he avoided overt references to modernity was something the public, shy of change, appreciated.
Lee singled to score the run, ruining Andy's shutout and ending his night just one out shy of the complete game.
Any way you slice it, the film is still just shy of becoming mind-numbingly dull.
This is a lonely place with buildings shy of one another and spaced well apart, typical of Scottish Highland villages.
When he was charged the media seemed a bit shy of mentioning his nationality or immigration status.
When doing this turn, the swimmer would roll to his side, keeping his shoulders just shy of the vertical.
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Examples from Classical Literature
They were unutterably shy of religious expression, and to read was their only chance.
Some of the boys had notions of a necktie party, but they're a little shy of sand.
The keen competition fought very shy of Mr. Peacock, thanks to the Bish and his whispering campaign.
They often fancied the echo to be the voice of the dobbie answering them, and were rather shy of disturbing it after dark.
For a while I do fight shy of it, till I get off my guard and think I am quite safe.
Was I to fight shy of him, or set to work, as it were, in opposition to him?
All we can be sure about is that we want to fight shy of that country over there.
Anyway, the wild raven has been superlatively shy of man ever since the flood.
The whole investigation is a little depressing, and makes one very shy of unauthenticated ballads.
A late eminent auctioneer, who was not shy of using it, tried to bring into vogue the variant form, uni Que.
My mother's side of those long months of waiting was never fully delineated, for she was natively reticent and shy of expression.
The other lion was the fact that they were poor and Laurie rich, for this made them shy of accepting favors which they could not return.
It is because my enemies know I carry this that they fight shy of me.
After Audrey Hepburn died in 1993, just shy of her 63rd birthday, her son Sean Ferrer was approached by the mayor of Tolochenaz.
We want a stomach that will not fight shy of any wholesome thing.
Not thus shy of exhibiting her charms was the Island Queen herself, the beauteous wife of Movianna, the king of Nukuheva.
With the standard of riding so high in these races there is no reason for punters to fight shy of them.
The children had learned by many bitter lessons to fight shy of him.
I dare say he advises you to fight shy of me, and that sort of thing, eh?
They seemed very shy of each other, and did not amalgamate at all.
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