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This high quality digital tyre pressure gauge has a simple one button operation and automatic shut off.
The crew had already said their goodnights and shut off most of the lights in the coaches.
With that capability, a car's engine could be automatically shut off at stoplights, or any time the engine is idling for any length of time.
Teenagers in rural areas are no longer shut off from international popular culture.
As the water level reached the top, I shut off the tap, bringing the glass up to my lips and sipping it silently.
Moreover, sharp reversals in market sentiment can put intense pressure on currency parities and shut off a country's access to financial markets.
He then got the first of his two big breaks in the semi's when Haley had to shut off after his burnout because of a fluid leak.
Then he shut off the motor and volplaned to earth, to the no small astonishment of the surgeon.
Firefighters found flames coming from the underground junction box but could only keep watch over the blaze until the power was shut off.
They tend to simply shut off their production lines, if the power outage is for extended periods.
When the bank's charge drops below a certain level, the pump is shut off and the system resumes charging the batteries from the wind's energy.
In some after-hours clubs, the music was shut off and the TV turned up for the half hour Small Wonder was on.
These growths, or knots, shut off water and nutrients to the branch, which eventually wilts, dries up and dies.
When finished, shut off the motor, unplug the unit and turn off the regulator valve.
A total of 14 authorities, including Leeds and Bradford, have applied for powers to shut off alleyways.
Sarah cleaned up the dressing rooms, green room, and shut off the lights and power after everyone had left.
And how confident are you that at this point that spigot, as you have characterized it, has been shut off?
These contracts offer companies lower tariffs in exchange for the right to shut off their power in times of need.
The heat was on the fritz and the faucet in the washroom was never really able to shut off.
All conscious thought seemed to shut off, disconnect, leaving him only to instincts.
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Examples from Classical Literature
He shut off his motor and turned the monoplane's nose directly at the earth.
In an instant she began to sink, and with cries of alarm the men shut off the motor and started to volplane to the earth.
Not unfrequently the gall-bladder, full of calculi, is thus shut off from the liver permanently.
When a check valve is placed on the piping, this means of escape is shut off and a safety valve must be employed.
Roger shut off the engine and followed by the others, he darted to the condenser.
In other places the forks of rivers are shut off by dikes, above which the salmon gather.
And as soon as I struck the water, I shut off the motor, opened one of these windows and threw over the sea anchor.
But, as he turned, the drainage system that was robbing the field shut off.
Cleveland, baffled and frustrate, straightened up and shut off his cameras.
It soon becomes shut off from the slit-like posterior part of the archenteron.
When the faucet is closed, the gas supply is shut off and the burners are put out.
Thus one of the two possible means of heat transfer is shut off and a degree of insulation afforded the liquefied substance.
But they found they were now shut off even from their home port of St. Anthony!
As the other approached, Harry shut off the power of the engines, checking them to little more than steerageway.
He shut off the flow of insecticide and the mass-converter grew silent in the engine room below.
Then Arcot shut off the heat beams and turned on the molecular ray.
At that instant he applied his emergency brake and shut off the power.
It is currently reported that the top of the house, inside, is shut off by iron doors from the bottom.
He shut off the phonograph with a snap, started toward the door after her, then abruptly flung himself into a chair.
Finally Ray shut off the racketing engine and let out the rusty anchor.
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