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Last year they airlifted some kid out of Enchanted 2003, his respiratory system had shut down after OD'ing on Eccys.
He immediately notified the pilot to shut down the engine and recommended the pilot abort the sortie.
Streets and roads remained waterlogged, schools were shut down and shopping malls remained closed.
The Downs has not conducted live racing since 1997 and shut down the following season due to financial trouble.
He reckons up to 15,000 restaurants will be forced to shut down this year, adding around 40,000 to the job queues.
Invading foreign computer networks could shut down radars and electrical plants and disrupt telephone lines without firing a shot.
We'll do everything we can to stop that and just shut down the fact that it's actually happened.
They shut down a commuter railroad in order to promote the sale of automobiles.
This year, Democratic primary voters shut down the nominating process earlier than ever, and rallied behind Kerry.
But you know, some of those automobile plants shut down because the just-in-time delivery of the parts was not possible.
Taipei's mass rapid transit system was shut down after the typhoon flooded sections of the system.
Just like they said when those very same refineries were shut down because of a rash of accidents, it was going to cost us.
In the aftermath of many storms, the hardest hit areas can have their water mains shut down.
However, as is well known, the reactor began to shut down spontaneously within a few hours.
Offenders will also be shut down immediately and will have to reapply as new applicants, according to the ministry.
Since it can shut down oil production at will, it is a fight the union is likely to win.
The businesses were promptly shut down by court order and placed in receivership.
Whenever the vehicle stops, at a red light for example, the engine is shut down.
Dissidents were sent to work camps or executed, priests were thrown in jail, and schools and churches were shut down.
However, if the worst comes to the worst and the club is shut down after January 18, then the money raised will go to a local charity.
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