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The visitor centre was shut, but all we needed was the information board recommending a range of walks.
Ever resourceful, she wadded some toilet paper between it and the door frame and found that it stayed shut.
He immediately notified the pilot to shut down the engine and recommended the pilot abort the sortie.
So, instead of going around with our eyes shut hoping the problem will go away why don't we all wake up to what's going on around us.
Consequently they had given false readings which, in turn, had caused the autopilot system to shut down.
Over the years, several MPs have alleged cover-ups or suggested that investigations were shut down by senior security officials.
To make your rule even more effective, shut your phone off when you enter the car, or leave in the backseat, out of reach.
So why did they shut down an online shop selling t-shirts in support of ai Weiwei?
And the series was implausibly shut out by both the Golden Globe and sag Awards.
You have to terminate the program before the computer will shut down properly.
If the recovery agency is shut down, blackbird would likely pick up the rescue business as it is outsourced.
He attaches a large lock to the door and snaps it shut, locking us in the cell.
A petition to the British Embassy advocating for attention on the case was shut down, after 516 signatures.
The traps of Anti-Oedipus are those of humor: so many invitations to let oneself be put out, to take one's leave of the text and slam the door shut.
Human trials of the Ebola vaccine have been temporarily shut down due to adverse side effects.
The Democratic presidential administration refuses to budge, and the government is shut down.
It would come out wrong half the time, and they would tell me to shut up.
The wading pool has been shut but the swimming complex remains open.
The arsenal was the main employer in Woolwich, but it was shut down after WWII when the Empire disappeared and the army shrunk.
When the towers collapsed, my building was shrouded in a debris cloud that shut out the light of day and muffled the sounds of firemen shouting and sirens wailing.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And they are going down into Bedfordshire, of all places, to be shut up for a month!
Never before had she been shut in all night behind closed doors and sealed windows.
I said to him, just as he opened the door for me and I went in with an armload of wood, and he shut the door after me.
The Bessemer steel Works, an institution employing six thousand men, was shut down on account of the strike.
He complained of the shut mouth, the claquement des dents, and the predominance of aspirates in our pronunciation.
Why don't you jump out the window, Roger, remembering to shut the airlock after you?
He entered the air-lock and shut the first door when the air-pressure was right.
Then I stopped, for the man with the bleary eyes had shut the wicket in my face.
The outer gate was shut, and all the blinds on the front of the house were closed.
Then the light was shut out as the great figure of Jake blocked the doorway.
But I must tell you how the rascals tried to shut up, 'administratively,' you understand, Mlle. Palmyre.
The coffin-lid was screwed down, and Johnny's baby-face shut out from them for ever.
First I must get the bluey hills and the white spot into them, and then I'll shut them and see what you tell.
And, as he spoke, he instinctively opened and shut his long Albacete knife.
When it was placed in the passage, Hodden entered the room, shut and bolted the door.
Within a minute the men crowded into the air-lock, and shut the outer portal.
At last the Chapter assembled, the doors were shut, and every avenue to the chapterhouse was strictly guarded.
There is a cave-in, and my father and five other men are shut down in the mine.
I tried to find out if they'd put anyone into the apartment, but balling sobered up a bit by that time and shut down on the talk.
To his astonishment the bootlegger climbed into the plane after him, shut the door, and sat down in one of the seats.
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