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Unfortunately, it's been more of the latter lately, so watch out for the signs that you need more shut-eye.
Whitney was picked up by police at a bank in Largo, Florida, where he'd hunkered down to catch a bit of shut-eye.
Experts agree that young teens need at least eight-and-a-half hours of shut-eye each night.
In another study, kids 6 to 13 didn't do nearly as well on simple tests when they were shut-eye deprived.
Daily physical fitness is just as crucial to good health as getting three square meals and eight hours of shut-eye.
I have now reached the point where I am so tired that I'm beyond the point of just getting a few hours shut-eye to recover.
When we used to go Vegas, he would gamble for two days without sleeping then he'd catch some shut-eye for a few hours then go back to the casino.
A new survey reports that Asians get the least sleep, with those in Japan getting the least amount of shut-eye in the world.
For the pain of failing to catch some shut-eye at night is known only to those unlucky ones who experience sleep disorders.
Hain's officials insisted he heard everything but didn't actually deny that he was catching some quick shut-eye.
But chronic snoring can be a real detriment to getting a good night's shut-eye.
So I'm down one hour's worth of shut-eye and I'm mighty cranky.
Brother-in-law, by now, had already slipped out, so I had a little shut-eye myself, waking to find my beloved still kipping.
It's time we open our eyes to the benefits of getting enough shut-eye.
Winning races, or even just getting extra hours in a day, is not a bad trade-off for a little less shut-eye, so Dr. Sleep has an interesting bargain for a tired world.
Almost a third of children under age 4 wake up in the middle of the night and, consequently, don't get enough shut-eye, according to a National Sleep Foundation survey.
Most of us, he claims, do it surreptitiously at our desks, although some retire to their cars or, if they're really desperate for a bit of shut-eye, the toilet cubicle.
Instead of worrying about how you get shut-eye, try to get more of it.
There will be no shut-eye for contestants in a huge pillow fight in Dubai next week.
James Isaacs hoped to get some shut-eye on the Dundee Stars bus overnight after his whirlwind arrival to UK ice hockey.
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And all my shut-eye is caught on this little cot in the twilight of my NYC screen.
I've had my jaw-tackle stowed for an hour, letting you do the shut-eye trick.
So step into the pretty nest, and in it speed to shut-eye Town.
And so my little golden apple is off and away for shut-eye Town!
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