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Surreal, then, to find a table full of fat men upstairs, shrouded by a fug of cigarette smoke, all tucking in to boeuf and pommes de terre.
Just outside that a water-slicked tiled roof sloped away, and below that darkness and rain shrouded a small central courtyard.
Comprised of a long, sinewy pull followed by a spry frog kick, the pull-down is a holy moment of shrouded watery silence.
They are nearsighted, and do not see past the aura of bright lies that he has shrouded himself in.
Wearing shorts, flip-flops and a ventilator mask, he was shrouded in a swirling cloud of snowlike particles.
The great skies are shrouded in smoky, matte tones of dark mocha, cocoa or gunmetal grays, representing night, fog, smog or infinite space.
They shrouded the case in a Breton flag and conducted interviews on the museum steps with representatives of the press.
She was entirely covered from head to toe, her hands in long black gloves, her head shrouded in a white veil, with two small eye slits.
It was a pretty room, with a large window shrouded by thick, red, velvet curtains.
The military structures of the base rose up all around them, shrouded in the green mists.
The next points of interest are mounds of bulk cargo shrouded in heavy white polythene sheets.
The village of Kakariko, a lazy and sleepy town at the foothills of Death Mountain, was shrouded in a tired and laid back theme.
A pale green light shrouded the scenery, above a canopy thrived and animals and birds crawled and flew through the treetops.
Much of science is based on fairly simple concepts shrouded in incomprehensible notation and mathematics.
The past is so distant, shrouded with the mists of heartbreak and the fogginess of time.
Even now, a hundred years on, the precise cause and surrounding circumstances of Oscar Wilde's death remain obscure, shrouded about with mystery.
A little showman in a candy-striped jacket and straw hat is dancing before an audience composed entirely of shrouded skeletons.
The White House stood shrouded in weekend quiet, but the countdown to war was continuing.
The chamber pot was shrouded in fog when I began to look for it, and then, as the wind blew stronger, it hove into view.
The sun was shrouded by heavy clouds that grayed the bright colors of the earth.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The camlet cloak still shrouded the body, and its gaping but bloodless wounds.
Drake's grin cut like a sunray through the nightmare dread that shrouded my mind.
Her parentage is shrouded in mystery, and the story concerns the secret that deviously works to the surface.
The city was shrouded in a low layer of cloud, and his glassed-in penthouse office was gloomy with the morning.
When Mrs. saddletree entered the apartment in which her guests had shrouded their misery, she found the window darkened.
A mystery shrouded the way in which she fell into the hands of hag Zogbaum.
Then the door was shrouded by an ever-changing semicircle of curious observers.
His face, shrouded in a high-growing, dust-coloured beard, invited no attention.
They were shrouded in the fog which made the night heavy, opaque, and nauseous.
The woods were stript of their verdure and the hills were half shrouded in mist.
George Prince was there, standing against the walls shrouded in his mourning cloak, watching the scene with alert, roving eyes.
Lupe, her face shrouded in her reboso, leans over and whispers.
Clouds, heavy and menacing, already shrouded the whole west.
The one above the front door was chastely shrouded by inside shutters.
I indicated in what direction the mist had shrouded the other man, and he looked up at it for an instant.
It is a point that I fear will always be shrouded in mystery.
The figure was tall and gaunt, and shrouded from head to foot in the habiliments of the grave.
Princess Mary's charming countenance was shrouded with a dull pallor.
It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing of it visible save one outstretched hand.
I was prepared, I think, for shrouded priests or naked fakirs.
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