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He shied away from the public eye in the months leading up to the conference.
I've always shied away from cruises, but this is not cruising in the accepted sense.
For general bathing, people used the public baths but shied away from the communal washing areas, which had a stigma attached to them.
Directors have shied away from making gory movies of this genre assuming that audiences find heroics in historical garb unexciting.
Many investment managers shied away from bonds early in the year, convinced that yields would rise as the Fed hiked short-term rates.
Certainly, Scott has shied away from making it a Hollywood movie in which the good guys win and the bad guys lose.
The manuscript had been circulated among various publishers, most of whom shied away from this provocative treatment of a sensitive subject.
Questions remain as to how exactly this will be done as the Home Office shied away from fleshing out the detail yesterday.
A lot of people went up to talk to him after the show, but I've always shied away from that sort of thing.
But it has shied away from forthrightly stating its position for fear of massive public opposition.
The advantages of psychoanalysis are primarily that it hasn't shied away from studying the mind as it is, as we live it.
But the white horse shied away from her, his wild eyes showing their whites, ears laid back in fear.
They flinched and shied away from the sudden, loud noise, and I took that moment to bolt.
Justine watched her father's steady hand movements towards the filly's head as she shied away.
Naturally, he'd always shied away from emotional attachments, especially romantic ones, since love was something he knew pitifully little about.
He never backed out of anything or shied away from any opponent, and he was prepared to put his career on the line every time he fought.
Joe never shied away from hard work and in his young days worked in England where the farmers appreciated his great ability in the hay fields and cornfields.
Still, DHS has shied away from publicizing these homegrown threats despite such compelling data.
I stayed at her side as we threaded our way through the room, accompanied by the sound of furniture scraping on the floor as patrons shied away from me.
After his shocking split from the white-power movement he was born into, 24-year-old Derek Black shied away from the media.
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Mia Farrow, who turned 69 at the weekend, has never shied away from making public her hatred of Allen, her partner for 12 years.
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