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Thus, the studies use either dropout rates, graduation rates, or college-attendance figures to shed light on the effects of competition.
He encouraged those writers who honestly and artistically shed light on Soviet reality, warts and all.
Although still suggestive, it might shed light on how families will respond to benefits offered as part of welfare to work programs.
It has also shed light on how the rhodium metal surface adsorbs and removes carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide gases in car exhaust converters.
The chief aim of this inquiry has been to shed light on the nature and essence of the disagreement between the two.
Our data may shed light on the role of diet in the allergy and asthma epidemic.
Police said they wanted to speak to a man seen in the area who might be able to shed light on what happened.
It is believed the documents shed light on what ministers were told about the case during its long history.
Det Sgt Morgan said he would welcome any information that would shed light on the incident.
There are going to be few reports coming out of there that will really shed light on how bad exactly it is.
His rueful recollections shed light on an often-perplexing artistic career, one that has left him looking distinctly battle-weary.
Both approaches will shed light on the adaptive significance and functional morphology of asteroids.
Peden's work helps shed light on the apparent tension between artistic freedom and mathematical constraint.
The slavery convictions shed light on a seedy underside of the economy that most people are completely unaware of.
Another aim is to shed light on one of nature's genuine mysteries, the homochirality, or single-handedness, of living organisms.
Not content to shed light on an underemphasized aspect of the story, he typically overstates the case, denying the obvious importance of the war.
But the new slew of charges helped shed light on an impoverished country, which international observers say has long been a narco-state.
Much more than a straight narration of history, they have shed light on the social realities of those days in a poignant manner.
The use of other new analogs, such as the unsymmetrically substituted analogs mentioned above, could shed light on such issues.
Future work on the beryl occurrences that are not associated with peraluminous granites might help shed light on beryl genesis.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Their migration to and subsequent role in Kanem shed light on the relation between the Fezzan and the Kanem-Bornu.
His sign is 15, which is compounded of Manik and Chuen with a superfix, nor does the Cimi added in 16 shed light on the subject.
These could shed light on the knottiest of business problems and come up with innovative, effective solutions.
On Earth, we can utilize multiple analytical techniques to take a more in-depth look into meteorites and shed light on the history of Mars.
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