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If she cried for the moon, he'd borrow every ladder in the parish and lash 'em together to get up.
She shivered with fear and hugged her legs to her chest as she cried silently.
She turned blue whenever she cried, and the doctor said it would be a miracle if she lived past her first month.
Throwing herself across her blue flower bedspread, she cried herself to sleep the first night of her period and many nights afterwards.
The anguish that she felt came pouring out and she cried, shuddering as the sobs wracked her body.
As she was jostled, the pain became so intense that she cried out before passing out cold.
Her mother noticed a change in her behaviour because she would not leave the family home and she cried a lot.
In her despair she cried out to him and opened her arms, begging him to enfold her in his embrace.
She cried herself to sleep and dreamed about the same nightmare over and over.
Sometimes, the kids would make fun of Mrs. Johnston in the lunchroom, that she cried in class and everything.
She cried for one of his no-account hoodlum friends, one whom she'd barely known at all.
I stopped cutting myself because after I told my girlfriend about my ritual, she cried and told me she was very sad that I felt I needed to do that to myself.
She cried and made obscene gestures as she was led from court to start three years and nine months behind bars.
She cried out towards him but dust clogged her throat, and she barely got out a raspy whisper.
She cried onto the Border collie's shoulder and Samantha swallowed hard, instinctively knowing what the doctor must have told her.
She cried as she rose and went towards him, he enveloped her in a big brotherly hug.
She cried out in pain and watched in amazement, as her attacker seemed to fly backward and fall head over heels over her bed.
She cried as she saw the two grapple, wincing as she saw some of the blows strike home.
She cried real tears instead when the landlord walked in just as I was impersonating him though and immediately threw us out onto the street.
She cried out, stumbled backwards, and clutched at her nose as he regained his grip and his footing.
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Examples from Classical Literature
After which, when she was back again in her own little room at acol Court, she cried for very joy.
Then Mis' Poteet she cried the top of shoofly's head so soaking wet it give her a sneeze, and we all had to laugh.
And so she cried until her child was born and named little toonie in memory of his lost father.
Could I do anything but pity her when she cried peccavi, mea culpa, mea culpa.
The white whale dragged the mother into the sea, and whenever she rose to the surface she cried, Louk!
She thought it was her signor marito who had sent them, and she cried a little and said it was a folly.
So she cried out, 'The king's daughter shall, in her fifteenth year, be wounded by a spindle, and fall down dead.
It sounds like margarine, she cried, in distasteful reference to the balm.
She cried over the letter, and over the signature that she was his loving nono, but she mailed it with a dancing heart.
Although she cried freely before deciding to transmit the letter to her mistress, she did at last so decide, which was all D'Artagnan wished.
He was not vexed that he had made her cry, but vexed that she cried.
She and Orton rode home in a hack and she cried all the way.
The widow she cried over me, and called me a poor lost lamb, and she called me a lot of other names, too, but she never meant no harm by it.
Anon as Elaine saw him she knew him, and then she cried aloud unto him.
And don't you remember how frightened poor Mary was, and how she cried?
She cried out, and they all disappeared with a whirring noise.
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