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Forceful demolitions of shanties and roadside kiosks are further examples of the administration's uncaring attitude, the activists say.
The actual unemployment rate in the shanties is much higher than official figures.
Galorea shot off, ducking under the decaying beams that slanted over the wooden shanties.
A variety of shanties and shelters can be attached to these houses as households engage in petty commerce and services.
Ordinarily lame and mundane places like rotary clubs transform into shanties of shock and mazes of monstrosity.
In addition, sea songs and shanties will be supported by a vast array of maritime-themed events and activities.
She watched the nimble sailors go about their business, singing shanties and being useful and she longed to join them.
They live in shanties and slums, on the water-logged lands, railway sidings and in all other kinds of vulnerable areas.
They plunged downward towards a huddle of shanties on the edge of a huge city.
On the other side of the river are numerous shanties, grog shops and grocery stores, on a small scale, got up since the battalion arrived.
Both were fanatical about folk music and Kate imbibed their records of folk, sea shanties and Irish jigs.
We opted for the real thing and settled down for an evening of sea shanties and claustrophobia.
They lived in tenements and shanties of poor repair with wretched sanitary conditions.
Since I don't know any good shanties or sea songs, I hope a limerick will do.
The construction technique was used extensively from little shanties to small village chapels.
She also brought out her banjo and sang some sea shanties and murder ballads, accompanied by her guitarist Skippy.
They were replaced by shanties and shacks built of nothing more than clapboard or wattle and daub with dark and threatening alleyways between.
It was all right for you to live in shanties and not to have any voice in what's going on, but now you have.
Following an extension of deadline and several warnings, the state, on June 14, razed hundreds of shanties in the beach area.
There are drooping shanties, skinny dogs and an old man bent over his plants.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The shanties in which the men lived and the humpies of the blacks were not visible until the visitor was close on to the spot.
Townsville is simply a collection of humpies and shanties built upon an ill-smelling mud bank.
On one occasion an old man sang quite glibly a tune which was in reality a pasticcio of three separate shanties all known to me.
The quarters was a little sort of street of rude shanties, in a row, in a part of the plantation, far off from the house.
Past endless blocks of two-story shanties he walked, along wooden sidewalks and unpaved pathways treacherous with deep slush holes.
The boats at anchor in front of the shanties swung with the outgoing tide.
Dressed in 18th century pirate gear they perform at a fast and furious pace, playing drinking songs and sea shanties.
Jerry-built shanties with rattletrap aircars grounded around them.
There are also seven or eight Japanese shanties besides the Ainu huts.
Since you have been here I have been building some shanties of houses, and likewise some shanties of chapters and essays.
He was quick to learn, very imitative and adaptive, and built himself a hovel rather better, it seemed to me, than their own shanties.
The lighthouse was a white dot and the fish shanties a blotch of brown.
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