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Brambles send up so many new canes each year that they can become overcrowded, so you must also cut some of the new canes to the ground.
Gilds were connected with the impulse to found chantries to send up soul-prayers in the mass, the highest form of approach to God.
The crowns send up shoots from a foot or so deep in the ground when the temperature or the soil or some cosmic signal tells it to.
Genevieve switches on her two-way radio and, like an air-traffic controller, tells ground control who to send up, who's coming down.
Another thing, Nancy, is that there's no one out there in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico to send up weather balloons.
An optional all-wheel drive system, based on the one in the Town and Country, can send up to 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels.
He said that each media organization will be able send up to two reporters for a one-month period that is not extendible.
They effectively harness the familiarity of well-know ditties to send up celebrity culture.
With more than six million acres of forest lost to fire last summer, it might not hurt to send up a trial balloon.
The distress signal you send up when you find yourself separated from the cover boat may look impressive from your viewpoint at wave level.
Budding is usually done at ground level, and often times the rootstock will send up shoots from below the bud union.
Likewise, flowers that need to send up their stalks high into the sky, such as hollyhocks, will obviously fare better in a country garden than they will in a city window box.
Bladderworts, whose intricately branched, bladder-bearing stems are completely submerged, send up small aerial stems with inch-long yellow flowers.
As the rain falls in London, it washes the dirty streets into huge puddles on street corners, and cars send up dirty waves of water as they swish through them.
Send up some rooster tails as you zip across the lake on water skis.
They send up long, arching canes that do not flower or set fruit until the second year of growth.
He was also ordered by the commons to send up Ashburnham, Berkeley, and William Legge as prisoners, and, under protest, obeyed.
One is used to burn the cardinals' ballots after they are cast and the other to send up the smoke signal.
The ladies are the scene-stealers in this one, from Piccininni's guilt-ridden Liz to the vampy, booze-soaked antics of Barzee, essentially doing a Kate Hepburn send up.
We're parched, hon. Could you send up an ale from the cooler?
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She noticed how lame our granny was with the rheumatics, and told me to send up for broth.
As in the cetacea, the nasal bones are limited in size, and the premaxillae send up processes to join the frontals and the nasals.
It will send up the price of scantlings, and we was getting on too fast with them.
I will send up your cloak, which is barely bigger than a fig leaf, when I can.
The steward will open the lazaret and send up barrels and things.
It's as mediocre as it sounds, a schizophrenic creature feature unsure whether it wants to send up its genre or let out a primal yawp.
In future you shall send up Wiggins alone to report, and the rest of you must wait in the street.
The mere mention of him suffices to send up a paper's sales!
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