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Department reps will hold another mass protest outside the next meeting of the university senate, when the departments' future will be voted on.
Santorum wants to slow down the push the for nuclear option in the senate after seeing that the issue isn't polling well for the Republicans.
Landrieu had been on the senate floor opposing those budget cuts on numerous occasions.
In other business, the senate approved changes to the next university catalog.
While dingbats throw brickbats, he continues his reporting on the memo in the senate.
The doge, senate, and government of Venice were then excommunicated and the entire Republic placed under interdict.
In 23 BC, Octavian gave up the consulate, but the senate forced him to keep power over the provinces.
Faculty senate presidents, if I may say so myself, tend to be a responsible lot of leadership types, not firebrands, malcontents, or radicals.
Julius is killed by his senate, but names an unknown grand-nephew as his heir, rather than his right-hand-man, Mark Antony, as was expected.
She won the state senate primary convincingly over three little-known candidates.
The senate was usually limited to 600 members, and entrance was dependent on property qualifications and election to key offices.
Although many senators had doubts about his appointment, the senate ratified it anyway.
The state senate is currently considering a bill that would toughen penalties for cockfighting and dog fighting.
To become consul, Coriolanus has to gain the support of both the patrician senate and the Roman people.
By 1914 a leaky roof had caused extensive water damage, and portions of the plaster ceilings of the house and senate chambers had collapsed.
The senate commission is also likely to recommend a purge of lying wardens and rogue guards.
He has recently accepted a position as campaign manager for a candidate for United States senate.
We have to rely on the federal senate to block this hideous sick piece of legislation, otherwise we are sunk.
It certainly doesn't seem like there's much time to make a drama out of the Illinois senate race.
Officials asked the university senate to enforce a historic dress code barring all forms of dress apart from traditional white ties and suits.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And so they did, following the example set by the Roman senate with Romulus.
As it chanced, the senate of the Athenians was holding a session on the acropolis.
Mr. Rice made the closing speech on the School Bill, in the senate, on the 24th.
He went to the statehouse, and to the senate chamber, and asked to see Senator Bryant.
The senate ordered, that Liguria should be the province of both the consuls.
And now a decree of the senate was brought to him, containing a denunciation of war against nabis the Lacedaemonian.
In other words, the oecumenical council is now practically in the position of the senate of an absolute monarch.
The ordo equester is much irritated with the senate on the question of the contracts for the collection of the Asiatic taxes.
It is my will that you be procurator, and that is tantamount to the votes of the whole senate.
The chiefs of the senate redressed it in other robes after painting it blue.
Hardin wonders if any refluent political wave may throw him up to the senate or the governor's chair.
In abridging the power of the senate to make treaties supreme laws of the land.
Not satisfied with a seat and voice in the senate, carbo wished that the renewing of their dignity should be passed into a law.
On the subject of complying with this request there was a great debate in the carthaginian senate.
By this rally of the Optimates the comitia is dissolved, the senate summoned.
Then followed the comitial days, on which a meeting of the senate was impossible.
The senate, composed of nobles, represented the credenza and the gran consiglio.
The designation suited the early years of the Empire, in which a dyarchy of princeps and senate had been maintained.
The senate offended the equites by proposing it, and yet did not carry the law.
The challenges before us will be thrashed out with the House and the senate.
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