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Alteration of the segmentation varies from strong gap fusion to weaker abdominal fusion.
Recent studies on how developmental mechanisms have evolved provide new ways to examine segmentation.
By the time segmentation is complete, strong mxp expression is detected in both ectoderm and mesoderm of the maxillary and labial limb buds.
Naupli have a cephalic shield or the beginnings of the dorsal carapace, and no segmentation on the trunk.
Most nematodes, also called roundworms, are small, simple worms lacking the segmentation of the more familiar earthworms.
These were carried out for the annotation of anaphor types and their antecedents, and for the segmentation of the dialogues into dialogue acts.
Nevertheless, the potential role of the engrailed gene in segmentation has been the focus of comparative studies.
The experimenters pronounced the affixes and bases in the blending part and the complex words in the segmentation part.
Thus, the question of whether the syllable status of the bound morpheme may affect the base-suffix segmentation was examined.
The segmentation of gym workouts allows you to sneak in a few stretches at almost any time.
As adults they lack appendages, segmentation, and all internal organs except gonads and the remains of the nervous system.
Pair rule, polarity and gap genes are present, but seem to have little or no role in segmentation.
Several hypotheses have been proposed to explain the number of times segmentation arose.
Infraoptic course of anterior cerebral arteries associated with abnormal gyral segmentation.
Local newspapers offer a much greater degree of geographical segmentation than is possible with national titles.
The inner and outer tube surfaces are very smooth, without any indication of segmentation, annulation, or collaring.
The purpose of segmentation is to identify groups of buyers who respond in a similar way to any given marketing stimuli.
Concentrating power in the hands of an elite is further augmenting social segmentation.
A third level of population segmentation, representing more futuristic recommendations, is genetic profiling.
These days, there's no shortage of segmentation when it comes to parsing the vote.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It illustrates the characters of the epiblast, the embryonic swelling, the segmentation cavity.
This cavity is the segmentation cavity equivalent to that present in amphioxus, Amphibia, etc.
The diagrams show the positions of the segmentation spheres and of the contained nuclei as seen from the animal pole.
The central part of the blastosphere is called the segmentation cavity or blastocoel.
In a blastula showing complete segmentation the blastomeres of the upper hemisphere are the more finely subdivided.
In the embryo of the bony fish a similar notochord precedes the segmentation and ossification of the vertebral column.
The segmentation of the nucleus precedes and then continues with the segmentation of the yolk.
In addition, other indications of a segmentation in this head-region have been found.
Moreover, this rod was unsegmented, for the notochord is devoid of segmentation.
There is a third group of ova including a series of types of segmentation nearly parallel to the telolecithal group.
The segmentation is meroblastic, and the germinal disc adjoins the opening of the oviduct.
The segmentation, which is preceded by active movements of the germinal disc, is meroblastic.
The segmentation, as in the Sturgeon, is complete, but approaches closely the meroblastic type.
In most existing Teleostei, the ovum has become again reduced in size, but the meroblastic segmentation has been preserved.
In Cartilaginous ganoids the only indications of metameric segmentation are found in the neural and haemal arches.
As a consequence of this superficial concentration we get segmentation of the vitellus, with the production of a morula.
This vitellus or yolk undergoes a series of segmentation or dividings which are known as spontaneous segmentation.
The segmentation commences in the lower part of the oviduct, shortly before the shell has begun to be formed.
The first change the zygote undergoes in all animals is what is generally called the segmentation or cleavage of the ovum.
In ova with a partial segmentation there is usually some modification of the epibolic gastrula.
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