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The nest was located at the edge of a small open pool surrounded by cattails adjacent to a sedge and sphagnum-dominated lakeside fen.
Wild thyme, birdsfoot sedge and a host of other herbs grow among the grasses, alongside common spotted orchid, rock rose and fragrant orchids.
One way of dealing with damp areas in the garden is to plant a bog garden with plants such as arum lilies, tree ferns and sedge grasses.
A high-level two kilometre ridge walk traverses huge swathes of green mosses and sedge, a breeding ground for dotterel.
The swamp is home to nesting reed buntings, sedge warblers and grasshopper warblers.
Their typical breeding habitat is rocky talus and snowfields near sedge and grassy areas.
Marsh fern, water horehound, spotted touch-me-not, great water dock, and lake sedge live on the soupy mudflats.
Instead, they stuff their moccasins with soft sedge grass to protect their feet against the cold and dampness.
The nest is usually located on top of a low mound or small island, under a small shrub or in a sedge tussock.
We're surrounded by tussock sedge, alder, jewelweed, skunk cabbage and swamp rose.
The flora is suggestive in places of old oak woodland with goldilocks, buttercup, moschatel, bugle and wood sedge.
I'm surrounded by tussock sedge, alder, jewelweed, skunk cabbage, and swamp rose.
In the front is a meadow of native sedge and penstemons, set near a small recirculating stream.
These pools as well as the deeper water areas of the sedge meadow provide breeding habitat for chorus frogs, spring peepers, and smallmouth.
Insect life is increasing rapidly, encouraging birds such as snipe, curlew, grasshopper warbler, sedge warbler, and whinchat.
Also present are bog asphodel, deer grass and sedges such as slender sedge and bog sedge.
The entire breeding population of sedge warblers winters in Africa south of the Sahara.
Evergreen grasses, such as sedge, blue oat grass, and some species of feather grass, which only need renewing every 2 to 3 years.
River water-crowfoot, water starworts, water cress and lesser and greater pond sedge.
There were hatches of sedge, mayfly and olives, and the best flies were mayfly patterns, Golden Olive Bumble, and the Green Peter.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It is not a grass but a sedge with leaves rather like those of a carnation.
He climbed over the sedge and eely oarweeds and sat on a stool of rock, resting his ashplant in a grike.
Then the figure-four trap springs up in the hedgerow and the sedge while the work of decimation goes more rapidly along.
In places one comes upon old fields that have been allowed to revert to broom sedge, scrub oak and scrub pine.
There are forty-six kinds of sedge, or if the Scirpus tribe be added, sixty-one, found in our islands.
They lay across the road, or to either hand in the melancholy fields of sedge.
Moreover, the sedge was so thick, that it was with difficulty they could use their oars.
Still, he could not remember that he had ever before been able to climb up a sedge.
It is suspended by the tail to any firm object in the neighbourhood of the sedge.
One of the lower terraces had become a wild mere of sedge and reeds.
The rest of High Bar is only a few acres of sedge and marsh.
Already it had cleared the sedge, and was floating out in open water.
The swan, after clearing the sedge, rose almost vertically into the air.
The members thereof may not use mats made of the sedge of this name.
Reed warblers sing their repetitive, grinding song while clinging to reed stems, while sedge warblers perform in the tops of riverside bushes.
An angler happened luckily to be a-fishing a little below me, though some very high sedge had hid him from my sight.
I waded on, casting and playing beyond the lily pads and sedge.
In addition to marsh harriers, reed bunting and sedge warblers are breeding and the reed beds are attracting an increasing number of bitterns in winter.
Blackcaps, reed and sedge warblers appear in habitats away from their nesting areas, feasting on berries and insects before they continue their journey to Africa.
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