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There are countless jobs and professions that are far more dangerous than serving food or drink in the presence of secondhand smoke.
The bar was condemned anew as a den of iniquity, black with the sins of alcohol and secondhand smoke.
Many asthmatics struggle with secondhand smoke, so it's not a surprise that you are struggling with asthma again since you started smoking.
The study did not find an association between secondhand smoke exposure and decay in permanent teeth.
Children exposed to secondhand smoke are also more likely to have reduced lung function and symptoms of respiratory irritation like cough, excess phlegm, and wheeze.
Secondhand smoke is even more dangerous than directly inhaled smoke and kills more than 3,000 non-smoking Canadians a year.
In the United States, about 3,000 adults die each year due to lung cancer from secondhand smoke exposure.
Heart disease caused by secondhand smoke kills around 46,000 nonsmokers every year.
Smoke-free policies are the most economic and effective protection from secondhand smoke exposure.
Exposure to the secondhand smoke produced by as little as two cigarettes was found to almost completely stop the function of a cell's sodium pump within a few hours.
Americans still believe smoking and secondhand smoke are harmful.
Approximately 700 of your fellow Oklahomans die each year as a result of secondhand smoke exposure, about the same number caused by motor vehicle accidents.
Given the health harms from secondhand smoke exposure Cancer Council NSW believes that all indoor spaces of NSW prison facilities should be smoke-free.
Secondhand smoke is a known cause of sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory problems, ear infections, and asthma attacks in infants and children.
Examples from Classical Literature
Adults who are exposed to secondhand smoke have higher rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
The non-smokers were those who were regularly exposed to secondhand smoke and those who were not.
Breathing secondhand smoke is certainly unhealthful, particularly for young people, and smokers should not smoke in the company of children.
In a victory for public health's long battle against the dangers of smoking, new data finds that secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmokers has dropped by more than half.
To make sure that your children are safe from the dangers of secondhand smoke, don't smoke indoors, take it right outside when you have a cigarette.
Secondhand smoke is accountable for 42,000 deaths annually to nonsmokers in the United States, including nearly 900 infants, according to a new UCSF study.
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