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Before then, dope smoke and the fast grope made a trip to the seashore in March seem acceptable.
The driver, who left the scene after the accident, jumped from the cab just seconds before the jib of the crane plunged down onto the seashore.
We are the alpha and the omega in seashore dining and freshly prepared gourmet seafood.
They are angry that the government has used the disaster to ban people from resettling within 200 metres of the seashore.
Fuchsia, blackthorn, limestone and seashore combine to make this a truly idyllic location, perfect as a weekend retreat or holiday home.
It is maintained with smooth rounded cobbles from the seashore, used just as they were thousands of years ago.
Building roads from the seashore up to five thousand feet on the slopes of Mauna Loa demanded back-breaking labor.
The beach has a vast grassed area butting the seashore and attracts thousands of visitors and residents in the summer.
A small bird with a broken wing, left behind by its mates, struggles to escape a crowd of hungry crabs alongside a deserted seashore.
Passage begins on a wide seashore backed with dunes against a cloudless sky.
Or visit southernmost Cumberland Island, a national seashore reached by ferry.
Instead, why not spend the first three nights closer to the Wine Country and the national seashore?
Cytoplasm of the leaf mesophyll of a D. antarctica plant growing in a wet, fertile habitat on the seashore.
The two timid trysters head off to the seashore to find an appropriate way to express their unspoken love.
The neritic zone is the first 200 meters of ocean water, which includes the seashore and most of the continental shelf.
May he found a dynasty of true Britons, numberless as the sand on the seashore.
The San hunter-gatherers relied on the seashore for most of their food and are known colloquially as the strandlopers or beachwalkers.
The morning is spent gathering food which grows wild in fields, hedgerows and on the seashore.
A clambake on the Rockland seashore followed the last day's session of papers.
That question undid the poor, shy scholar and he fled to the seashore to berate himself for his clumsiness.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I would suggest your going to some resort, either in the mountains or at the seashore.
It was an ample plain, whose colour was as yet indistinct, but which here and there undulated like the dunes of the seashore.
But when I knew I had to come down to the seashore, naturally I thought of bathing, fishing, or crabbing.
A young Mexican, tired of his work, was sauntering one day on the seashore.
One might as well have tried to waltz or two-step on the sands of the seashore.
It appears to respire as easily in the most rarefied air as on the seashore.
All-Father Odin was walking with his brothers in Midgard where, by the seashore, they found growing two trees, an ash and an elm.
It was not implied that it was part of the duty of the Bembridge green committee to scavenge the seashore.
We should be selfish indeed to grudge her a few weeks at the seashore.
The square near the seashore was by that time full of refugees.
The Manchester, Rochdale, and Burnley sites are too far from the seashore.
When she heard it there came before her imagination the figure of a man standing beside a desolate rock on the seashore.
You have driven their tribes from the seashore, and would now believe what their enemies say, that you may sleep at night upon an easy pillow.
The boy took me out in my box, about half an hours walk from the palace, towards the rocks on the seashore.
Our way lay across high mountains infested with frightful serpents, but we had the good luck to escape them and came at last to the seashore.
The tan of the seashore had left her face, and her forehead was smooth, white, and polished beneath her heavy, yellow-brown hair.
She came home from the seashore a week earlier so as not to miss it.
The hill men needed what the men on the seashore could supply.
The taste is pleasant, and the odor is distinctly that of the seashore.
Now he shipped many boxes of these to other seashore and mountain resorts.
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