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If search is driven both by cognition and experiential learning, then changing one's cognitive representation poses an additional risk.
I had totally forgotten about it, so have amused myself for a few minutes looking at the search strings.
The only goal of the air force afterward was to search and find the portable launcher.
If you zig when they zag, it is possible to search acres of water without seeing a fish.
I'm still getting zillions of search requests, and emails, related to the Freelance Hellraiser mix of Christina Aguilera vs. The Strokes.
There was an unending search for blockbusters that depended on lavish sets and costly special effects, to draw crowds into the cinema halls.
But Candide could not be happy without Cunegonde, and he requested to leave that land of paradise in search of his beloved.
One is represented by science, which is founded on the search for regularities, sometimes for laws of nature, backed by maths and logic.
Scottish naturists, like their fellow hobbyists in England, are often forced to go abroad in search of suitable locations.
Some people search for caribou through binoculars, others take turns napping in a crawl space that is layered with mattresses and sleeping bags.
In order to save lives, we still have rescues and search and rescue operations ongoing.
Players land ships at anchorages and venture inland in search of buried treasure by putting counters on numbered squares after throwing dice.
Two prominent dating experts have been brought on board to assist members in their search.
We enter a pasture of several hundred acres on our search for about 400 angora goats.
A young college teacher leaves China for the United States in search of a better future.
Steve was quickly engulfed by his friends, leaving me to search for my own.
A date limit option is provided to restrict your search to the more recent records.
Librarians usually arrange search results and other information products into customized sets for their clients.
Applying this agenda to the resultative construction, one might search for semantic or other constraints on the construction's acceptability.
Select Google Search with a left-click to search Google for Centre for Plant Research.
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Examples from Classical Literature
And the aim is heuristic, though often enough the search ends in no overt positive conclusion.
Wide use is to be made of econometric models in the search for optimal solutions.
But now the object of his pursuit vanished from his sight, and eluded his eager search.
As in the other instance, a search has to be made for the key, entailing much perambulation of the farm.
A rescue party had come in search of the estray, and they were soon brought with rejoicing home.
It was raw and damp as we rowed into the estuary at sunrise in search of the seals.
She threw him a side-glance of amazement, from her pretended search of the ground.
Unknown to Dr. Sevier, the Richlings had returned from their search unsuccessful.
Ford and Hammett are at the dock all ready to search him when I give the word.
Dr. Shapley's suggestion, in any event, is not to search for heat but for facts.
While the queen and her party had encountered the men-at-arms, harelip with another company had gone off to search the house.
He was going to search for them and find them in their haunts of sin and misery.
It was founded by Argives, who accompanied Triptolemus in his search after io.
It would have been like looking for a needle in a haymow, to search for him in these woods.
They search every tree, shrub, and vine for caterpillars, spiders and grasshoppers.
I ordered a search on the sideroad and concession line, but not a trace of her could be found.
The Canon went in search of the station master and found him at last digging potatoes in a plot of ground beyond the signal box.
As an episode in the search for education, this adventure smacked of Heine.
And now, here they were, paying their debt by scouting about in search of the silver fox.
Her search is less thorough than the maid's but there is a touch of fury in it, that quite makes up for its sketchiness.
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