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Sentence Examples
Morgan mentally scolds herself at her slanderously obtuse remark as Jody's mansion lay just a block down.
But tackling Spears in public would have made the far right look like scolds or puritans.
The querulous critic who scolds it as he would a spoiled child, has not learned the primer of politics.
Under the guise of political virtue, it scolds, berates, rebukes, criticizes, and has a high old time doing it.
Her disdain is getting personal, her subject matter less ephemeral, as she scolds rich Americans driven by wanderlust and entitlement.
Likewise, if one scolds a person too much, then he can't handle things well as expected.
These scolds may defy common sense, but they're still worthy of attention because they represent the consensus among the profession's elite.
Yet people short on money often neglect the advice of the professional scolds and instead turn to the damnable moneylenders.
When William's mother allows him to skip his home study, his father scolds them both.
A cranky old man who scolds children for making noise violates with his loud voice the very quietness he upholds.
He's still a bit too young and still way too green to realize just how much he has in common with those he now scolds and satanizes.
Which means there will be plenty of scolds out there taking us to task again for crass consumerism.
Absent magic, we get conniving politicians, close-minded scolds, flavorless marriages, and the occasional heroin junkie.
The Taming of the Shrew recalls a tradition of stories about scolds.
In The Sense of Style, Steven Pinker settles a war among the scolds with a sensible approach to usage.
Williams scolds him for not playing hard enough against her while she runs on a treadmill.
It may not be as bad as some lifestyle scolds make it out to be.
Among the food scolds, the Center for Science in the Public Interest called the sandwich the culinary equivalent of a snuff film.
The dormouse scolds Alice and tells her she has no right to grow at such a rapid pace and take up all the air.
Examples from Classical Literature
The ducking stool was used for punishing common scolds, refractory women and dishonest tradesmen, especially brewers and bakers.
The instances of barratry and of common scolds, I believe, are the only exceptions.
But I get some fun trying to do things I never did before, while Mammy scolds me for demeaning myself.
Mother, are you angry when you fold your lips tight together and go out of the room sometimes, when Aunt March scolds or people worry you?
Scolds and railers were set on a ducking-stool and dipped over head and ears three times, in running water, if possible.
Kirkham had its brank for scolds, in addition to a ducking-stool.
Her impatient attendant scolds her, tells her I am not in mourning, bids her look again, tries to rouse her.
But Maid Marian only scolds the more, and at last goes away leaving the others in sad bewilderment.
Ma scolds so much when I do tell her things, that it sort of discourages me.
Ben Weatherstaff scolds him and makes fun of him, and he hops about and looks as if he understood every word, and I know he likes it.
The greater idiot ever scolds the lesser, muttered Ahab, advancing.
Everybody scolds us, everybody gives us advice, everybody warns us.
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