How to use say something about in a sentence

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Sentence Examples
This may say something about which journalists are singled out for promotion to the prestigious position of columnist.
I just started the biggest freelance gig of my life, hopefully I'll get to say something about it soon as one part should launch next week.
The types of scales that are present in fossils permit us to say something about the dermal musculature.
Once in a while they would say something about the leader being senile and wanting revenge on me.
Could you say something about what elements of the Barthian position particularly attracted you?
You want to say something about it, to share some of your personal experience of it.
If that doesn't say something about the small-fry nature of our theatre scene, I don't know what does.
That may or may not say something about English pleaders, English advocates, and English jurors.
Before you say something about somebody, make sure that you actually know the facts.
I could say something about hussies who are all over another girl's boyfriends.
I think its a snub to their belief system and they feel disloyal if they don't step up and say something about it.
I almost expected him to say something about exacting that pain to me, but he merely bowled me over with a charging headbutt, smashing me into the wall.
Because you've phoned to say something about a submission, someone may write down your name and the title of your book, and pass the note on to the slush readers.
Does that say something about the character of the individuals involved?
Nonetheless, it may be possible to say something about the genetic component of Ed's facticity, since both parents were treated for depression, and he had type I diabetes.
Can you say something about your poems being so preoccupied with grief and loss, and the suffering brought to you by the suffering of another person?
But first of all, in a reflexive mode, let me say something about my own background which will help to place my interests in this conjunction of cultures in context.
Then as you're taking his picture, say something about the thirty dingers he's going to hit this season. You get that little extra smile on his face.
Examples from Classical Literature
He rared up on his hands when he see us and started to say something about an outrage.
Did Miss Wayne say something about your having an interest in her house on the Battery?
He ought to say something about the man, but he had no idea of what was fitting!
Let me now say something about the crops of this sweet pyrenean valley.
May I pause for a few moments, and say something about the hippodrome?
The young mule's teeth snapped, and I heard him say something about not being afraid of any beefy old bullock in the world.
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