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The carrot's flavour was discernible, but quite distinct from that in a savoury dish.
It was used in sweet dishes more than as a savoury vegetable, but it soon palled and lost favour.
My savoury yearnings were sated by now, though the whole Camembert fondu with Chablis and garlic was very tempting.
They can also be shredded into scones or bread to add a gorgeous yellow colour, or added to savoury tarts, sweet buns or sponge puddings.
The servings are generous and the food is tasty, although it could be more savoury.
During the holidays, savoury foods are a welcome change from sweet items that are so much part of festive entertaining.
In cooking it is often used as a garnish or decoration, both in sweet and in savoury dishes.
It was tasty enough, but I suspect the chef's talent lies with the savoury dishes.
Pears are one of the few fruits that lend themselves equally happily to sweet and savoury dishes.
Fruit or savoury foods seem to be better at preventing nausea than sweeter snacks.
Tamarillo chutney recipes include a similar range of ingredients to those for savoury sauces, but don't need to be sieved.
As a big fan of fruit as part of the main savoury dish of the meal I thoroughly enjoyed this.
The wines were immediately recognisable by their elegant, restrained savoury characters.
Served in a small wooden bowl painted black on the exterior and red within, the soup was light and savoury.
The overwhelming feel here is of a big-boned, but savoury southern Rhone wine.
The most savoury of the paintings are a series of nudes done from life in South Africa.
This is why it is added to foods such as bacon, smoked fish, canned vegetables, margarine, bread and savoury snacks.
Complex in flavours and well balanced in terms of sweet and savoury as well as texture, the food never masks an ingredient.
A wide selection of hot or non-peppery dishes are available, such as the savoury sour peeled shrimp and crispy rice.
Home grown herbs would have included coriander, dill, thyme, opium poppy and summer savoury.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I refused the parfait aux frais and the savoury in my eagerness for the end of the meal.
The air was hot, and heavy with the fumes of Greek wines and savoury dishes.
When she did this it was an epicurean thing, savoury, hot, satisfying.
Not a few of us fail because we forget to make what we say savoury.
One of the oldest and most savoury of the regular forecastle dishes.
A savoury sea dish, made of slices of cured fish and onions.
It was capable of cooking anything, from a sirloin to a savoury.
It often furnishes him with the substance for a savoury roast.
Don Quixote did not care to break his fast, for, as has been already said, he confined himself to savoury recollections for nourishment.
A second stone, carefully aimed, that made a savoury pigeon's leg fall from Conseil's hand, gave still more weight to his observation.
His own youth seemed to reappear, bringing with it all those savoury remembrances, which are like perfumes more than thoughts.
To-morrow comes, the savoury preparations for the Oil Trade come, the evening comes.
Pidy launched their Eating Moments 'anytime, anywhere' campaign at SIAL last year including a new scrumptious savoury choux pastry selection.
Crepeaffaire, the sweet and savoury crepe concept headquartered out of London, UK has chosen Givex's Vexilor EPOS for their London locations.
The shop was nice and warm and full of the savoury smell of fresh baking.
The appetising, savoury smell of my rasher seemed to drive them mad.
The clear streams and running brooks yielded their savoury limpid waters in noble abundance.
Anyone feeling peckish can try some of the many sweet and savoury treats available at Alice's Kitchen.
Dessert was a plum pudding, mince pies and a savoury cheese dish, while the rich would have enjoyed fruit and nuts.
A PORK pie pact between two Warwickshire businesses has helped deliver a savoury success for Coombe Abbey Hotel.
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