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Honestly, I can't be bothered reading these three novels just for the sake of completing the now-irrelevant longlist.
It is a self-conscious abdication of responsibility, for the sake of an individual ego.
Suffice to say, much as I would love to be a wage slave again for the sake of my dreams of becoming a homeowner, I am not ready.
I will go out for him for the sake of research but really 3 calls in 2 days is a bit much since we haven't even had a date yet!
I don't want to upset any owners of these abominations but for heavens sake, what on earth possessed you when you bought one of these things.
We used an earlier, abortive, suicide attempt to show that Sylvia had taken a decision not to commit suicide, for the sake of the children.
The emphasis on the day will be to enjoy a walk with family and friends for your heart's sake.
And we may get talky at times too, but it won't be for its own sake, or to pull the wool over people's eyes.
I'm a pensioner for goodness sake, I'm hardly likely to go round walloping people.
Instead, academia sometimes draws criticism for apparently doing research for its own sake.
They called the wine tintashu, combining the Japanese word for sake with a derivative of the Portuguese word for red.
Is this a morally questionable thing to do or are some lies necessary for the sake of social cohesion?
Gwen made a face at the rabbit food, ordering two different types of sushi and a bottle of sake for herself.
It is hoped, for the sake of millions of poor Filipinos, that he is not just putting on an act, good movie actor that he was.
Buskers used to be arrested for making a racket for the sake of the price of a cup of tea.
For their own sake and that of the country, they would be well advised to concentrate on issues about which the electorate actually cares.
For goodness sake, give it a rest and come down off your moralistic and judgmental perch.
The administration of justice has to be in a safe environment for everyone's sake, including the accused.
And if that's what they want, they should never change just for the sake of being able to spend a bit of time with some jumped-up idiot.
Liam bumped into his old adversary in London's Camden Town recently and berated him for old time's sake.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Associates were altruistic for the sake of altruism, not for the sake of its beneficiaries.
Not that I loved the critter for his own sake, but because all Greaserdom was out to down him.
The crossbill must be mentioned for the sake of the peculiarity indicated by its name.
The other gave him a 210 crownpiece, and desired him to keep it for his sake.
In cryptography it's a number, or letter, thrown in for the sake of appearance, or to confuse.
Our armor-piercing bullet was made with a cupronickel jacket for the sake of the gun barrel.
It was for her sake alone that he took no thought for the ivory seat in the curia.
These cwms are occasionally visited for the sake of the waterfalls, two or three of which are exceedingly fine.
He doesnt like the beastliness out there for its own sake, any more than Marmaduke will.
For goodness' sake, let's dash as fast as we can, down into the garden, and do the same thing!
A Dayak goes on the war-path more for the sake of the heads he may get, than for the honour and glory of the fighting.
But I think, I am certain, Maurice, that you will make his coming a festa for my sake.
But for the sake of peace and harmony he was willing to decorate all round.
But for the sake of the team his chief concern must be to advance the base runner.
The cry of art for art's sake is raised, and the result is extravagance, euphuism.
The last comers of all are delighters in wickedness for its own sake, and request their due ill fame.
Not for myself, but for my Master's sake, I demand your friendship and fidelity.
Neither for your sake nor for hers, nor for my own, could such a thing be desirable.
How will he despise what he can grasp, for the sake of the dim glory that eludes him!
And it was on this account and for Norman's sake that Lois put up with her capriciousness.
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