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Through this spiritual revalorization of domestic work, Oralia is also turned into a saintly or angelic figure, albeit a humble one.
For some reason the pharmaceutical industry is seen as the devil, while many others in health care are seen as saintly.
She is wearing a plain black, ankle-length dress decorated with flowers, perversely projecting a rather saintly look.
Even where a human life seems to be clearly saintly or sinful, our judgments are not final.
Kinsey is a biopic that does not conspire to paint an immaculate, saintly, and ultimately one-dimensional portrait of its subject.
The scientists of previous generations who refused to patent their breakthrough discoveries were neither naive nor saintly.
In Search of Susanna is a testimonial to a courageous rather than a saintly life, one written in media res.
She depicts an almost saintly figure, virtually devoid of human weakness or error.
Similarly, on other occasions, pictures or images of gurus and saintly people have been seen miraculously to produce holy water or ash.
The man's upturned eyes and tilted head play off traditional saintly poses in Spanish religious sculpture.
This is not a romantic, Dickensian look at a saintly consumptive young woman.
With the exception of a saintly matron, called Mama Sunshine, who collects waifs and strays, grown-ups are not to be trusted.
He confirmed the doctrine of saintly intercession and also saw relics as confirming the promise of future resurrection.
It seems to me like women have to grin and bear a lot, and still feel pressure to act like saintly selfless birth goddesses.
Tall and Latin looking with long dark hair and black saintly eyes he was dressed as if he had just finished a particularly strenuous bolero.
The saintly qualities of Fr. Solanus compare with those of Blessed Mother Teresa, according to Fr. Benedict Groeschel.
He was by all accounts a saintly man, and his own benignity surely informed his understanding of film and what he saw as its realist mission.
Not unconnected with these two mercenary characters are the Cohens, the family with whom the saintly Mordecai lodges.
The good characters are decidedly saintly, and the bad guys aren't really all that bad when push comes to shove.
How would my friend know what a forbearing and saintly person I am if I didn't tell her the challenges I face from my neighbor?
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Examples from Classical Literature
You have met one who is to you as the most holy of saintly men is to the basest of the Kafir.
Are there other examples mentioned by the chroniclers of the incorruptibility of saintly kings?
What in the name of the seven saintly sisters did I ever want to be a farmer for, heh?
She confided in me a little in those days, but ever with a most saintly resignation.
Men they were who inherited the blood of the saintly Langton and of his lordly barons.
They penned me up here with these saintly mothers and these angelic children.
At the Tambov hermitage the anchorite Hilary, a man of saintly life, has died.
Bazin wore his dress, it may be observed, with equal dignity and saintly propriety.
Wilfrid also was one of the saintly architects of the period.
And saintly men, who walk with God on earth, would fain be away, to walk with him on the golden pavements of the New Jerusalem.
It was not at chertsey, however, that the saintly king was to rest.
He smiled, benignantly, and granted my request with a saintly amiability.
They painted Virgins enough, and popes enough and saintly scarecrows enough, to people Paradise, almost, and these things are all they did paint.
Sitting patient in the shadow Till the blessed light shall come, A serene and saintly presence Sanctifies our troubled home.
The saintly uncle in his wild parish would know nothing of any other reasons.
So she took a character who was a racist in the first draft and turned him into the saintly lawyer Atticus Finch who stands up to his town's bigotry in defending a black man.
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