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Tomorrow is the feast day of St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall, and Sunday is Mothering Sunday.
His erect attitude and sickly whiteness of face, flowing white hair, and spiritual aspect gave him the appearance of a grand old saint.
I almost laugh but Martin Compston, patron saint of leisurewear in Scotland, just grins.
The Feast of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil, is a legal holiday.
The saint rests in his tomb and also in immediately accessible reliquaries to the left of the royal doors of the icon screen.
These local religious festivals usually center on a particular saint or legend.
They were once so numerous that the town kept the feast of St Crispin on October 25, patron saint of cobblers.
Will McDonough is a sportswriting saint, beatified by acclamation that day almost a quarter-century ago when he punched an NFL player.
Cecil Gould has sustained that the altarpiece includes a self-portrait of the artist in the guise of his name saint, Saint Anthony of Padua.
Part Grim Reaper, part angel, this deathly saint had few followers, and they mostly worshipped in private.
The saint and the leper embrace and the leper is miraculously healed, but the real miracle is the love that makes healing and transformation possible.
Had the patron saint of repenting harlots seduced him into some sort of cohabitation?
This new sense opens the eyes of the regenerate saint to see and understand divine things in a way that had been impossible for him before his conversion.
Even the patron saint of teenage girls, Judy Blume, is featured on the back cover with a blurb for the book.
Race relations in saint Louis could hinge on the outcome of this announcement.
A decaying statue of St. Lucia, patron saint of the blind, holds a platter with two eyes.
St George became the patron saint of England and his cross eventually became the flag of England.
Later, Northumberland's patron saint, Saint Cuthbert, was an abbot of the monastery, and then Bishop of Lindisfarne.
Saint Piran, after whom Perranporth is named, is generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall.
Serf was the teacher of Saint Mungo, the apostle of Strathclyde, and patron saint of Glasgow.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Shall we say that the mother of a saint is, ex officio, or even by courtesy, also a saint?
Saint Denys was a great saint, since there was no doubt of his being in very deed the Areopagite himself.
Here was the pale face of the ascetic, and there the guileless eyes of the saint.
He has developed the astuteness of the devil, the open sincerity of a saint.
To the monastery he had founded Athelstan presented some reputed relics of the saint.
Le bon aptre du roi fait l le saint homme, et il est bien mieux pris que lorsque le bourguignon le mena Lige.
It was also bruted, that his bodie was buried in the monasterie of saint Andrewes of the Cisteaux order.
Maybe he was a saint of the first water, and maybe he was a pillar of the church that ran a building society.
A thread from the stole of the ancient saint was said to have had the power to cure hydrophobia, if aided by cauterization.
Elijah looks more like a wild aboriginal man than a saint of the cinquecento.
What a good saint is our Ignatius, exclaimed the consolable widow, he bestows on us more benefits than we ask for!
Alone of all superiors, the saint does not depress the human dignity of others.
Another custom known as dharna is that of a suppliant placing a stone on the shrine of a god or tomb of a saint.
After all, a saint of old was glad that his name should be enrolled in the diptych of his Church, and remembered in her prayers.
Every Grecian home has its eikon or picture of a saint or the Blessed Virgin.
The patron saint of its Chief is St. Pancreas and his eupepsia is reflected in his subordinates.
The morow after the feast of saint Michaell, a parlement anno Reg.
While you bemoan our earthliness, you may not be the one saint among us.
There was to be nothing finer or sweeter in the life of even Benvenuto Cellini, that rough-hewn saint, ten centuries later.
In these verses, the saint and queen proclaimed by campanella is Nature.
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