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The saddest part is that despite all of the hassles and law suits, they continue to persevere.
One of the saddest casualties of that process was the effective abolition of the Church's ancient observances of fasting and abstinence.
The saddest thing in Kew Palace is neither the verditer green wallpaper with the black flock border, nor the specially woven carpets.
Alliss did not react well to such misfortune and does not spare himself in the telling of the saddest chapter of his endlessly eventful life.
The saddest sight one encounters in a tour of the NMA is a schoolchild sitting at one of these terminals being force-fed a diet of propaganda.
The very saddest day of both of our lives was on my 18th birthday when my mother took off.
They were truly ahead of their time, and one of the saddest chapters in wrestling history was the day they closed their doors forever.
Perhaps the saddest part of Dee's story, though, was the failure of her marriage to Darin.
This is one of the saddest things for me in baseball because I see a ton of talent there.
It was the saddest day in her life, for it felt like she had finally abandoned her love for Julian, that she had betrayed his memory.
One of the saddest and most galling aspects of this foot and mouth tragedy has been the relentless, silent, unpublicised invasion of our shop shelves by imported meat.
One of the saddest bewilderments, when I look at all the bearings of it, nay properly the fountain of all the sad bewilderments, under which poor mortals painfully somnambulate in these generations.
Suicide must be one of the saddest, most deeply disturbing ways of dying.
This might be one of the saddest songs ever written, and instead of trying to gussy it up or use it to show off her pipes, Osborne just wraps the thing in a big fat hug.
The saddest thing is when I give in and have chocolate silk cake because it looks irresistible, but it turns out to be eggy and unchocolately and not even worth it.
The saddest aspect of this whole inglorious dilemma is that public opinion is almost completely oblivious of the hidden cost that must be paid to comfort the farmers' pride.
Perhaps the saddest family man fetishist is the poor chick who read too much Anais Nin at an early age and became obsessed with the idea of being A Mistress.
The winner was the lady who told the saddest life story as indicated by a sound meter measuring the volume of the audience's applause for each contestant.
One of the saddest chapters in the history of industrial Rochdale has taken place with the assets of an engineering company going under the auctioneer's hammer.
In the corner slouches the saddest looking stuffed animal in the world.
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Examples from Classical Literature
This is at once the most salient and the saddest feature of the learned and meditative sadhu.
But not yet had the Gunpowder Plot secured its latest or its saddest victim.
This is, as I have said, not the saddest, but certainly the harshest of his stories.
The saddest part of self-distrust is that it breeds suspicion.
This is the end of all things, picky, the saddest spot on earth.
The only class of frequenters was the suicides, who, sad of life, sought the saddest landscape as a fitting scene in which to end.
The saddest fish that swims the briny ocean,The Catfish I bewail.
He looked the saddest, sickest, bleakest creature I had ever seen.
After the benediction came one of the saddest moments of the day.
The saddest part of loss, I think, is that one so soon gets over it.
It is one of the saddest things to think of, how she has been mated.
A German daily is the slowest and saddest and dreariest of the inventions of man.
Nor are ordinary death-beds the saddest or most grewsome scenes.
Often he would play his saddest tunes on the beach and pretend that the sea stopped its roaring to listen to them.
The saddest smile in all creation passed across Galusha's face.
The saddest sights have often the most ridiculous contrasts.
Fairest, forlornest, and saddest of all the cities, and dearest!
I shall become the saddest mope in the world if I am cooped up here.
And that is the reason why a young buck with an intelligent looking calf's head before him, is somehow one of the saddest sights you can see.
It was impossible for anyone to be shy or sober, for such gales of merriment arose they blew the starch out of the stiffest, and made the saddest jolly.
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