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It's sad to see such a provocative thinker go out with a whimper instead of a bang.
There's a sad lack of rationality here, and it's become pointless to try to reason with the ranters.
It is a sad fact that, when it comes to sensitivity to attack, there is no one so sensitive as a journalist.
The story is a sad indictment of the values now perhaps inevitably prevailing in the entertainment business.
It is a sad reflection on our societies that we have to escape from reality in these ways.
She had sounded so sad just now after she had been smiling only a moment ago.
Her biography of Nietzsche is a double hagiography, comic and almost sad in its reflection of her own will to power.
In a way it's sad to think I've been to my last performance but then it lost a lot of character so maybe it's no bad thing.
Meanwhile, in the mean streets of Manhattan, a sad sack mannequin warehouse employee becomes obsessed with peeping.
It is a sad story and ironic in a way because so many French couples don't want children.
This little bit of nothing has been my best friend during those years and it's with a sad and tear-filled heart that I must bid adieu.
It's sad and depressing, and I don't want it to become merely taken for granted and unremarked.
One sad postscript to the race came when a horse was put down after suffering a serious spinal injury.
It left us both joyful and speechless, happy to be home again but sad that this great trip was over.
It's a sad song, sure, but it may as well be Celine Dion for all the personal meaning it has for me.
How sad it was to see so much fervour amongst my own countrymen in taking up the banner of support for the US in their actions against Iraq.
It's almost sad that Mad Mel is on holiday, her reactions to such a jolly entertainment would be a treat.
The sad fact is that many of these champions of liberty have never lifted a finger to defend said liberty with arms or real effort.
But such attention to detail seemed to clash with a laminated menu, which made me think of tacky burger joints and sad little cafes.
Just a few days ago, my fancy VCR packed a sad and now won't play back tapes.
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