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The posterior thoracic vertebrae, synsacrum, and hindlimb are pneumatized by diverticula of the abdominal air sacs.
In most birds, diverticula of the abdominal air sacs pneumatize the posterior thoracic vertebrae and synsacrum later in ontogeny.
Eretmonia pollen sacs are born in pedicellate clusters that arise as a branch from the adaxial side of the mid vein of a modified leaf.
The combs and neck sacs of males become enlarged during the breeding season.
Myxozoans, in contrast, form plasmodia or hollow sacs in which infective spores are produced.
During the breeding season, groups of males do their courtship display together, puffing out air sacs in their chest and spreading their tails.
These small, fluid-filled sacs lubricate and cushion pressure points between your bones and the tendons and muscles near your joints.
In these small air sacs is where oxygen enters the blood and waste products like carbon dioxide leave the blood.
If you have emphysema, your air sacs are damaged, and the smallest bronchial tubes collapse.
Remember asthma affects the lung tubes primarily and emphysema the air sacs.
Species with large gular sacs use them in conjunction with foraging, mating displays and thermoregulation.
These pollen sacs can face outward, in which case the stamens are called extrorse, or inward, in which case the stamens are called introrse.
Gametophytic apomicts differ from sexually reproducing plants in that they produce unreduced embryo sacs.
Members of the Siganidae family first produce small adhesive egg sacs, which then become larvae.
The only reason why they are able to stay afloat is their buoyant sacs near their throats.
When you breathe in through your windpipe, the air moves through your bronchial tubes into your air sacs.
From the lacrimal sacs, tears move down through the nasolacrimal duct and drain into the back of the nose.
Scientists also suspect that air pollutants might dampen the growth of alveoli, tiny air sacs in the lungs.
If chemicals are splashed into the eye, the eye and the conjunctival sacs should be washed out immediately with copious amounts of water.
In the field of biology, biochemists have been studying vesicles, the small membrane sacs found within cells.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Each of these sacs with its contained blood vessels is called a glomerulus.
Around this passage are grouped a number of honeycomb-like sacs, the air cells or alveoli of the lungs.
Like the upper sacs, each of these has two dark-brown, lamellar, glandular masses depending from its membranous visceral wall.
In bad cases the rubbing and biting may cause exposure of synovial sacs and tendons, and cause irremediable injury.
In specialized forms these pulmonary sacs are wholly or partly replaced by tracheal tubes.
The sacs of the internal ear, known as the utricle and saccule, receive the impulses of the base of the stapes.
Certain genera possess also sacs formed by distensible folds of the skin in the cheeks.
The primitive role of egg sacs is in giving protection against predators and parasites.
The odor sacs also seem to play a role in expressive wing shakes directed toward bats outside the harem territory.
The sacs frequently become impacted, usually due to inflammation of the ducts.
The eversible sacs on the abdominal segments are shown, some protruded and some retracted.
From the time the young hatch until they are five days old the parents swallow the faecal sacs.
It is indeed only among the Eudrilidae that the enclosure of the ovaries in septal sacs is at all general.
The peritoneum of hydrocele and hernial sacs and of the omentum readily lends itself to transplantation.
The compound scolex thus forms a sac or a group of sacs, the basis of hydatid tumors.
When these sacs are overdistended by reason of an excessive secretion of synovia, they are called windgalls.
The spores are inclosed in these sacs, usually eight in a sac.
Note also many minute oval sacs lying side by side in the ectosarc.
Handed the freedom of Croke Park, the Sky Blues conspired to wander up cul-de sacs or hot-foot it down the deadest of dead-ends.
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