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So the Senate rule that liberals fulminated against for decades has become sacrosanct.
Coombs was a relic of an earlier, gentler time, when the privacy of public officials was normally regarded as sacrosanct.
After all, what is so sacrosanct about first-order predicate logic in its standard form?
Yes, we had to slash into sacrosanct areas like health care to save the country.
Environmentalism has become a sacrosanct religion of which no questions can even be asked.
Sovereignty has long been a sacrosanct principle in the international system.
The issue is one of property rights which, in every capitalist society, are both valuable and sacrosanct.
The principle of democracy is sacrosanct, but it will always be interpreted through cultural filters.
Long gone are the days when this flag carrier was considered so sacrosanct its planes were blessed by priests on the tarmac before departure.
It could stay holy, sacrosanct, totally uncorrupted and virginal if it wasn't for us humans washing everything over with arrogance.
Royalty is accorded less respect and marriage is no longer regarded as sacrosanct.
Indeed, sports budgets seem to be sacrosanct, elevated to more importance than labs and textbooks.
If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can't question it, then it ceases to be science.
It was understood equipment and shooting techniques would evolve, but the principles were sacrosanct.
The principle of maintaining the territorial integrity of states remained sacrosanct.
His speeches could go on for hours and caused great disruption to what were seen to be the sacrosanct ways of Westminster.
These are hands-off, no-go, sacrosanct areas that the British prime minister cannot afford to have tampered with.
In principle there seems little reason to regard the Internet as sacrosanct, one network that is necessarily free of taxation.
A marriage before God is a sacrosanct thing, an act of union in the eyes of God, irreversible and permanent.
No principle or vision is sacrosanct in Washington except its own security and self-interest.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The oath that we take on the 2nd of December, nephew of the 18th Brumaire, is sacrosanct!
Very solemnly and seriously I unwired the cork, as if performing an almost sacrosanct ceremony.
Diplomatic envoys are just as sacrosanct as heads of States.
In their eyes the king was not merely autocratic, but sacrosanct.
Evidently to her the spot on which Adrian sat was sacrosanct.
Some people feel that the existing green belt is sacrosanct and all building should be on brownfield land.
Slovenia is now staring at a fire-sale of public assets that were once considered sacrosanct.
Some now feel as though Christmas Day and Good Friday will remain sacrosanct but these days can anything be certain?
Confirmation of accounts receivable has been a nearly sacrosanct auditing procedure for over 50 years.
What is so sacrosanct about council chambers and councillors?
Motherhood might be sacrosanct, but saintliness itself was another matter.
He assured the Hindu community of the country especially FATA that their religious, social and civic freedom would be upheld as a sacrosanct national responsibility, he added.
The proposed move has been a shock for the people of Cyprus, as depositors' savings had until now been seen as sacrosanct and remained untouched by EU demands.
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