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The occasional concessions to historical fact unintentionally sabotage the dramatic punch of the story.
Any sabotage or mechanical failures would cause power cuts in Britain within days.
Four months later, in March, Bert Marlow, an engineer at the club, told how Fred's act of sabotage in the bar almost led to it being flooded.
Power outages, acts of sabotage and general unrest have hampered production.
Their arrest is only one of an increasing number of arrests in which Germans have been suspected of planning similar acts of sabotage.
Police are investigating whether a train derailment between Ballan and Gordon was caused by an act of sabotage.
Every single act of industrial sabotage is being done by the people who formerly ran those systems.
The unions vehemently denied supporting acts of sabotage and rejected the idea that their members were behind the incidents.
Finally, the negative comments against the English program in St Malo is nothing short of an act of sabotage.
All subsequent crimes against the Party, all treacheries, acts of sabotage, heresies, deviations, sprang directly out of his teaching.
Any further delays to the Act should be seen as an act of economic sabotage and all those involved in its creation should be held accountable.
Meanwhile, the Communist Party coordinated a complex series of acts of sabotage and other forms of guerrilla warfare.
The scenarios might involve a simulated attack by terrorists or mock acts of sabotage by insiders.
In 1963, Sisulu was tried with Mandela and other activists for planning acts of sabotage and revolution.
No sooner had the lights gone out than there were mumblings of sabotage, some kind of conspiracy, foul play, under-hand machinations.
It may be that Mr. Mitchell assumed that it would relieve the insurers from all risk arising from vandalism, sabotage and malicious mischief.
This long campaign of leaking, backgrounding and sabotage would be legitimised.
After Colleen claims that Joy tried to sabotage her chances of winning, the meeting turns into bedlam.
There was concern in conducting the online study that sexually prejudiced individuals might attempt to sabotage the research.
The trainees were schooled in spy photography and sabotage, Morse Code and minelaying.
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Examples from Classical Literature
To distract attention, to put people's minds on useless or bewildering projects is a bit of sabotage, in a total war.
The idea was that there was a pattern of thinking in sabotage, and if you could solve it, you could outguess the saboteur.
I was in his office when the report of sabotage to your plane came through.
But of course there were the orders that said he was a sabotage expert.
There was a sort of pattern in the way the other sabotage incidents had been planned.
Lately, he's begun to sabotage his own message more effectively than a trainload of State Department pros working overtime.
This man no longer condemned Bert, himself muttering vaguely of dynamite, end sabotage, and revolution.
Sharma has not ruled out possibility of either a sabotage or a bonfire, which could have caused the massive blaze at the depot.
Investigations revealed that such bombs were used to stage other explosions and acts of sabotage in different parts of the country.
They claimed that violence and sabotage were taking place in response to calls by Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei.
It becomes a matter of structures or persons, who are against the negotiation process and who, in every way, try to sabotage it.
She furiously lectures Ross on leaving the kids alone and in danger, while Sarah smugly enjoys her spot of sneaky sabotage.
The sabotage of oil pipelines has resulted in decreased oil production for local consumption, compelling the government to import fuel to cover additional market needs.
A power-mad Persian cat plots to sabotage the invention in his battle for world domination, but a heroic puppy joins a force of canine secret agents to foil his schemes.
It described the arrest as an attempt by the State Government to sabotage the dialogue with the Mizoram Bru Displaced Peoples Forum and the return of the Brus from Tripura.
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