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The employee now figures it was a ruse to see if they had caught on to his scheme.
Evidently deeply suspicious of British newspapers, she seems to misinterpret innocent questions as a ruse to stitch her up.
Through the ruse of a technique, Baraka names the nameless, which creates an aporia that interrupts the functioning of the proper name.
Edith enters into the ruse not just because she likes him, but because it improves her social status.
It sucks you in and condemns you to hours of game play under the ruse of one last go.
Was it a ruse to allow reporters short on subject matter to fill the pages dedicated to the European Championship?
The ruse works so successfully that some 30 other non-venomous snakes have mimicked the coral snake and share similar color patterns.
A last-minute offer may be a ruse or a bluff, but I'm the guy who ought to make that call.
It isn't and the claimed hypothecating of traffic fines revenue is just a political ruse.
The tale told to Mr Shafi that it was in the post was a deliberate ruse designed to throw him off the scent of that return.
His alleged ruse was to list the tax haven of Monaco as his primary residence instead of Germany.
He went on to claim that she had made the whole story up to frame him in an elaborate ruse as revenge for his affair.
Many of the characters feign casual confidence, but the ruse becomes apparent when things start to go wrong.
But in fact, the words, symbolism and ideology were a ruse for grasping and holding onto power.
A stand off in the Black Sea with Turkey is so much part and parcel of most openings that it can easily be dismissed as a ruse to deceive.
The booming voice and scare tactics turn out to be a ruse, a way of hiding a small and powerless man, who is no wizard at all.
His ignorance is a pure ruse, comparable to the roughness of his seemingly foolish discourse.
It is a device at that point in time, a trick and a ruse, and treating the House like a joke.
Her clever ruse contrasts the disruptive force of the historical moment at hand.
It should be obvious why I badly want to believe that this is a bluff or a ruse.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Whatever had been done at the lesser gate had been done as a ruse, I did not doubt.
The ruse of hoisting the British flag was legitimate if the Buenaventura substituted her own flag before proceeding to board them.
Remembering the ruse which the friendly guide at Rotterdam had taught me, I began by purchasing a platform ticket.
It was, apparently, a ruse to put negroni off the scent, who from time to time asked us to explain what we were talking about.
Lenoir perceived this, but thought it only a ruse to get him to shift his hold.
Her ruse of spoliation within the law was evidence of her shrewdness, nothing more.
He was indebted to a ruse of Aunt Margaret for his historic and sesquipedalian name.
Mansoor feared that it was a ruse, and that the house was being watched, back and front.
So, by this little ruse, Mr. Coventry had got her all to himself for the afternoon.
His ruse was a clever one, and showed that Talu had not misjudged the man's fitness for the dangerous duty upon which he was detailed.
In your case, I fear, confession is exploitation by indirection, profit-making by ruse, self-aggrandizement at the expense of God.
This posing at the piano and over the album was only a little ruse adopted by way of precaution.
My lords and ladies, pardon the ruse by which I have gathered you here to witness the marriage of my daughter.
Indeed, it is a likely ruse enough, observed Bradstreet, thoughtfully.
This ruse worked well for some time, but finally the Folk no longer were inveigled into showing themselves.
But despite the ruse, he went down a storm with the Home Counties set who dominate the Tory conference.
He used every guileful ruse to cheat time of his determined moment.
Mr Vernon had recourse to a ruse to assist in damping their spirits.
The ruse succeeded to the extent of compelling the Parisian to retreat.
This ruse of the Indians was discovered on Friday, the 11th.
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