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She struggled to control the cart as it rolled before her down the steep, bumpy road.
By the time high school rolled around, I had become a sullen alternateen who wore a lot of black and was perpetually growing her bangs out.
This toughness is the result of a uniquely fine grain size imparted by vanadium to steel, anodium steels are readily cast, forged, and rolled.
Kabutri, in the meanwhile, had kneaded some atta and rolled out a few real rotis.
Often, pieces of the chuck are sold boneless as flat chunks of meat or rolled and tied.
Fog from the river rolled up the street and the windows were grimed by soot, but Cartwright had not turned on the electric light.
The leftover dough from the loaves would be rolled out with a handless, wooden, rolling pin.
Rod was my home slice. He and I rolled up scumbags together for two years in SWAT. I loved that guy.
This time, the engine roared and the kite rocked against the brakes then sluggishly rolled down the strip.
Kristin Lund. Krissie sounded closer to home and just as beautiful. Krissie Lund. It rolled off the tongue like a balalaika riff.
In April 1986, the BAe EAP was rolled out at BAe Warton, by this time also partially funded by MBB, BAe and Aeritalia.
On 25 May 2011 the 100th production aircraft, ZK315, rolled off the production line at Warton.
The language was rolled back to the Gaelic strongholds of the north west of Scotland, the west of Ireland and Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.
In later legends, Alban's head rolled downhill after his execution, and a well sprang up where it stopped.
Carefully refolding the paper, he put it away and rolled himself a cigarette of powerful makhorka in the strip of newspaper.
It is thought that bundles of burning brushwood were rolled down the hill to represent the birth of the New Year after winter.
Formerly, three cheeses were presented by parishioners, and the cheeses were usually rolled by them.
It is made from a flat sheet of suet pastry sprinkled with dried fruit, which is then rolled up into a circular pudding.
In both cases, the bowl is rolled as close to the jack as possible, unless tactics demand otherwise.
Under the new law, wages increases were monitored and those ruled to be unacceptably high were rolled back by the government.
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