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Then the country's emergent civil society collapsed beneath post-communist repression and the kleptocracy of regional robber barons.
Last Tuesday, the 64-year-old jeweller was shot dead by a robber during a raid on her shop in Nottingham.
As the robber clambered over railings his trousers snagged and Mr Ceesay grabbed hold of the hood of his top.
Noel Kelly was sent to Daingean reformatory for stealing sweets and ended up an armed robber.
The progressive impulse brought down the original robber barons, and reined in corporate greed.
He explained that by the time the police reinforcement arrived, a team had entered the building and confronted the robber.
A masked robber, who was wielding a baseball bat, ambushed the first employee as he went outside to the bins.
Like his brother, he was also a thief, pickpocket, mugger, robber, and arsonist, etc, but he didn't like killing people.
Police are offering rewards for any information about the vigilante, the hostage, or the robber.
The filmmakers rightfully feel the need to provide a social background to the poor robber who got in over his head.
The ringleader is a former armed robber originally from the North and has served two prison sentences.
According to reports, an off-duty police officer tried to intervene and was struck by the robber before he was apprehended and arrested.
He tries to tell Rose that he's been exonerated because the real robber has been apprehended.
Narrated in a high piping voice, the story concerns a police chief who pursues a robber into a church.
Great fortunes have usually been built by industrial tycoons, sometimes known as robber barons.
The company may be taken over by a robber baron such as Maxwell who clears out the pension fund for his own personal gain.
The only obstacle in her way were the large robber crabs everywhere in this area of the course.
The largest of these is the coconut or robber crab, which has even managed to evolve a skin tough enough to discard the need for a shell.
Instead of being a two-bit con man, he became a bank robber, pulling off more than 25 robberies, sometimes two in one day.
The bank robber enlists an equally seedy character and, over a bottle of rotgut, the two agree to become partners.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If the robber is on board he will no doubt get off at Suez, so as to reach the Dutch or French colonies in Asia by some other route.
The song was of a swarm of bees, and of a robber wasp who had come in to live with the bees and who was stealing all their honey.
Tell him that we yield to his rapacity, as in similar circumstances we should do to that of a literal robber.
All along I've been wanting to be a robber, but I knew I'd got to have a thing like this, and where to run across it was the bother.
I know that, but for the mercy of God, I might easily have been, for any care that was taken of me, a little robber or a little vagabond.
He shrank from this vaguer dread, and fixed his mind with struggling effort on the robber with hands, who could be reached by hands.
Tuesday, the ultimate robber baron, is calling in his debts, and Arthur's very world will be part of the price.
Despite his near-addiction to big deals, and the ruthlessness with which he so often carries them out, Hindery is not your typical robber baron.
Bishop Henry fell prey to the stereotype of Black as some kind of a 19th century robber baron striding across the faces of the workers.
The charitable sector is littered with robber barons attempting to cleanse themselves of the stench of their real jobs.
Why did all the great robber barons of the 19th century come of age within a decade of one another?
Small-time robber Buster Edwards takes his family into hiding after he and a gang rob a Royal Mail train.
In and out of the hive long black robber bees smeared with honey fly timidly and shiftily.
But as the robber was leaving the store he collided with another shop assistant and a wine display and fled.
The robber escaped with the cashbox in a silver Ford Kuga, which was found abandoned 20 minutes later in Carlton Lane, Stoneycroft.
Barabbas was neither a robber nor a publisher, but a six-barred, barbed-wired, spike-topped Fence.
At Friday's ceremony, Lander thanked the support team who helped him along the way and also recalled his former life as a heroin addict and bank robber.
We played robber now and then about a month, and then I resigned.
In those days, travellers were very shy of being confidential on a short notice, for anybody on the road might be a robber or in league with robbers.
Neither he nor shop owner Graeme Skene were able to identify the robber.
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