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They used a barrel washer to remove most of the soil from their carrots, followed by a power washer spray as a final rinse.
Use a stiff brash to scrub feeders thoroughly with a 10 percent bleach solution, then rinse them well and wipe them dry.
If there is sticky or gummy soil to remove, try rubbing with baking soda on a damp cloth or sponge, or wipe with vinegar, rinse, and buff dry.
After gulping the orange juice down while leaning against the counter, I straighten up, rinse my glass and begin to head towards the hallway.
For more extensive oral ulceration, dexamethasone elixir, 0.5 mg per 5 ml, may be used as a rinse and expectorated.
Another agreed upon fact is that it is extremely important to rinse away every last drop of detergent residue from your hair.
Wash removable glass shelves and plastic parts in warm detergent solution, rinse and wipe dry.
Then they rinse out their mouths with gourds full of water from an oil drum.
Some forms of tobacco dentifrice include roasted and powdered tobacco, a paste made of tobacco and molasses, and a rinse of tobacco water.
Rinse well and then do a cool to cold rinse to seal the hair's cuticles and ends, adding instant sleekness and glossiness.
Purchase a clear glosser at your local drug store or create a home vinegar rinse.
I washed the film for 30 minutes and carried out a final rinse with deionised water with a few drops of wetting agent added.
Remove the giblets from the duck, rinse the bird inside and out and pat it dry.
To reduce sodium, gassiness and that canned taste, pour off the canning liquid, rinse the beans in cold water, then drain.
Wet your toothbrush, dip it into the powder, and then brush your teeth and rinse as usual.
Sometimes you just need to let go of the notion that you absolutely have to have a creme rinse to feel like you have completed your toilette.
How hard is it to rinse the plate and place it in the dishwasher for crying out loud?
Once the potatoes are diced, I rinse them to remove excess flouriness, and pat them dry.
To relieve itching, and to help heal flea bites and skin inflammation, consider giving your pet an herbal skin and coat rinse.
Subsequent treatment involves stop bath, fixer, wash, and wetting agent rinse, followed by sponging to remove surface silver deposit.
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Stir them about in it, and then take them out, and rinse them well in cold water.
After washing with soap, rinse the hands in fresh water and dry them thoroughly, by applying Indian meal or rice flour.
It is sometimes desirable to place the patient on a bedpan and rinse the parts by a gentle stream of warm water poured from a jug.
If food is burned on, boil in a weak solution of washing soda, rinse in hot water, and dry thoroughly.
Wash them in suds, and rinse them till the water comes off clear.
Then you take a soft face cloth, soak it in hot water, rinse it and remove all the residue oil and make-up that came out.
Give us some plates, any knifes, and some forks, rinse the glasses.
Queen of my tub, I merrily sing, While the white foam rises high, And sturdily wash and rinse and wring, And fasten the clothes to dry.
Peel and rinse the mushrooms, and cut off the ends of the stalks.
Have your churn very clean, and rinse and cool it with cold water.
Cover with a cap for 20 minutes, rinse and shampoo as usual.
Soak the pig caul in cold water for an hour then rinse well.
Wopsle parted from us at the door of the Jolly Bargemen, and Joe went all the way home with his mouth wide open, to rinse the rum out with as much air as possible.
Even if a track is misspelt or unknown, Rinse includes an identification technology to recognise audio samples throughout the track.
Rinse again in cold water, drain, and when cold cut into slices.
The addition of Breathe Right Snore Relief Throat Rinse provides snorers an additional drug-free option in managing their snoring.
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