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A week ago, Brian Woolnough and his pals forbade him constructing a rhombus out of his midfield troops.
The formula for computing the volume of a rhombus, that's something you forget.
On more than one occasion during the qualifiers Eriksson's jewel looked more like a rhombus that had slewed drunkenly.
Figure 6 shows an equilateral triangle and a rhombus that circumscribe the same unit circle.
I picked up an interesting sedimentary rock that was the exact shape of a rhombus.
They were a weird rhombus shape, and his irises were a mixture of pinks and creams, which Katelyn really loved.
A sleek and shiny ship shaped like a rhombus with concave edges came spiraling in, then extended a large tripod and landed on the flat roof of one of the buildings.
Three pilots made goal around the 120 kilometer rhombus course.
Through the door one could see a tremendous amount of sunlight that came into the room and landed with a segmented rhombus shape on loveseat next to a chest full of clothes.
Every rhombus has two diagonals connecting pairs of opposite vertices, and two pairs of parallel sides.
The Tosa water chestnut leaf mon was then drawn as a rhombus or diamond shape in the Mitsubishi logo.
For the infinite shifts the rhombus is positioned on the right of the previous rhombus and for finite shifts on the left.
Every rhombus is a kite, and any quadrilateral that is both a kite and parallelogram is a rhombus.
Thus denoting the common side as a and the diagonals as p and q, in every rhombus.
Using congruent triangles, one can prove that the rhombus is symmetric across each of these diagonals.
The surface we refer to as rhombus today is a cross section of this solid rhombus through the apex of each of the two cones.
Therefore eight triangles and eighteen squares join up to make an icosihexahedron, which I call a truncated cuboctahedral rhombus or a rhombicuboctahedron.
The first property implies that every rhombus is a parallelogram.
I love the concept of presence-based project coordination, but Rhombus has a way to go to iron out the kinks.
Despite being largely unconsidered in the betting for what was a fair handicap, Rhombus showed bravery and resilience in equal measure to deny Kinema by a head.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Turbot, rhombus maximus, resembles in its general form a lozenge, whence its name of rhombus.
The rhombus maximus, said to be the best, and excepting the halibut, the largest of our flat fishes.
Three forms of the rhombus have come under my own observation, each and all apparently connected in symbolism with the lightning.
Of two cones of one common base is made Archimede's rhombus, as here, whose geodsy shall be cut of two cones.
Or why the Noble Antoninus in some sence doth call the soul it self a rhombus?
What is it about the rhombus, pa, and when am I to read Juvenal?
The rhombus cardina, a passable fish of the pleuronect genus.
And a Rhomboides is so opposed to an oblong, as a Rhombus is to a quadrate.
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