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After the meal, we retired to the drawing room for coffee and sweets, before falling exhausted into bed.
In April 1737 Handel suffered a stroke, and he retired to take the waters at Aix-la-Chapelle in September.
The drama started on the parade lap when he retired to the pits with a broken driveshaft.
And then yesterday I retired to my sickbed, feeling decidedly under the weather, and am still not on top form today.
The happy couple along with their families and friends retired to the Montague Hotel for their wedding breakfast.
I've met an awful lot of drug dealers but I've never met one who's retired to Devon.
Alejandro Ferretis plays a middle-aged painter who has retired to a secluded and primitive village to commit suicide.
In 1849 de Lesseps lost favour with the French establishment, and retired to his wife's family estate where he acted as a land agent.
Their ordeal started after they retired to bed at about 10.30 last Thursday night.
And feeling irritated, I retired to the bathroom where I sat on the floor scowling for a great deal of the evening.
We could think of nothing to say, and neither could they, so we finished our breakfast, and retired to our room less than ten minutes later.
As soon as they had done that, they then retired to re-load at the base of the hill.
At half-past seven the onlookers had retired to safe positions five or six hundred yards away.
Ashen threw his hands in the air and then retired to a stone wall, leaning against it.
He performed similar services for Becky then made a sign of blessing on both girls before he also retired to the sideline.
The two finished their dance and then Krista retired to her room saying she was tired.
At the outbreak of the Civil War he retired to Montgomery Castle and declined to become involved.
On the fifth day after Landon died, the wind came to a complete stop and Shane retired to her cabin.
I left the bathroom as she began to prepare for a shower and retired to the couch bed, where I had been sleeping for the past few weeks!
After dinner William retired to bed earlier than normal to get the rest his body was craving.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Theodore on this retired to some huts on the amba, about 50 yards from the second gate.
Late in life he retired to his villa, and there in quiet worked on his great glossa till he died.
He bowed humbly and deferentially, and retired to the steps and his cigarette.
Fouquet had just retired to his room, still smiling, but more than half-asleep.
Kuropatkin retired to Harbin, and then returned to serve under the new commander-in-chief.
He come up to Ma's room, and sounded Ma as to whether hennery had retired to his virtuous couch.
Zircon introduced himself and the boys, and the four retired to the shade of a royal palm to talk.
Arsenius was a noble Roman who, at the end of the fourth century, retired to Egypt to live the life of an anchoret in the desert.
The jury retired to the jury-room and the lawyer to his office, where a stomach pump quickly put him out of danger.
Accordingly, he retired to Florence, where he held a canonry in the cathedral.
Glencore arose as he said this, and, with a nod of leave-taking, retired to his room.
He then retired to Frauenburg, and vigorously attended to his capitular duties.
We retired to a room, and in a few moments agreed upon a truce, terminable after forty-eight hours' notice by either party.
Could she not smuggle him up-stairs after her father had had his supper and retired to his bedroom?
Mrs. sawney closed her front-door and retired to the regions that knew her best.
Pancks opened the door for him, towed him in, and retired to his own moorings in a corner.
When the judges retired to unrobe, a messenger of the court summoned O'Halloran to their chamber.
Finally we retired to a pool-room, where I reminisced to an ever augmenting audience.
Like Charles of Austria, he had disbanded his body-guard, and had retired to the cloister.
In 1765, Helvetius returned from Prussia, and retired to his estate at vore.
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