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He himself will retire from the company next year when his second five-year term expires.
These figures are the most valid argument yet that they should cease and desist and retire from the field immediately.
He has gaveled to rest the rumors that he will retire from the U.S. Supreme Court.
David had to retire from the race with seven laps to go due to a loss of pneumatic pressure.
The only man to retire from the punishing demands of the heavyweight category unbowed by defeat in any fight was Rocky Marciano.
When my dad decided to retire from the New York Police Department, we moved down to Florida.
A Leyland magistrate is being forced to retire from the bench against his will because he is too old!
His plan had always been to retire from the track after Athens to concentrate on half-marathons and marathons.
Freddy made a face that was full of sorrow, as if he was being asked to retire from the major leagues.
He decided to retire from the ministry for more remunerative work.
Even the ladies of the night, when they retire from the profession, return to the way of behaving that they learned from their mothers, and grandmothers before them.
I wish she would retire from the public eye, be elusive, continue to cultivate the mad as a box of frogs image by all means, but stop talking and concentrate on the singing.
The whole novel is presented as if it were the autobiography he wrote between being forced to retire from the ministry and his eventual death.
In December 1800 George Austen unexpectedly announced his decision to retire from the ministry, leave Steventon, and move the family to Bath.
The 2010 season would also see legendary hooker and captain Keiron Cunningham retire from the game after 17 years with his one and only club.
They must be insane to think Judy Finnegan would retire from the daily white-knuckle ride that is live television with Richard Madeley.
Luckily enough, Louis fell ill and had to retire from the conflict while Henry's defences held against his enemies.
This continued into Malaysia where Button had to retire from the race.
After the match, O'Sullivan indicated to the press that he was unlikely to compete in the following season, and would perhaps even retire from the sport altogether.
The crash, which happened on the first lap, saw Ferrari driver Alonso bang wheels with Kimi Raikkonen causing Alonso to spin into the sand trap and retire from the race early.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Suffice it to state that presently a rusher is obliged to retire from the field by reason of a sprained ankle.
I wish you could realize with what joy and relief I retire from the presidency.
I will retire from the scene altogether, and stay for the winter at Knollsea with picotee.
The mild and gentle Yeardley, overcome by these annoyances, at length requested leave to retire from the cares of office.
The creek bed was a withdrawing room in which to retire from the eternal black soil and level corn-fields of Iowa.
Indeed, he would sometimes remark, when a man fell into his anecdotage, it was a sign for him to retire from the world.
If I say that I ought to be prepared to do it, that is, I ought to have the money and to retire from the army.
She replaces Holly Leese who has announced her intention to retire from the company after 33 years.
So he fought twenty-nine after his badge had given him the right to retire from the field.
He is the well-known Prince Bolkonski who had to retire from the army under the late Emperor, and was nicknamed 'the King of Prussia.
Mary Dusak had been housekeeper for a bachelor rancher from Boston, and after several years in his service she was forced to retire from the world for a short time.
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