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It was for the solemn task of protecting and sanctifying the ducal resting place that Philip chose the most austere of the religious orders.
The stone sarcophagus is carefully lifted from its resting place in Mill Mount, York.
The committee received objections from two residents worried about increased traffic and potential disturbance to the resting place of bats.
In 1648 his remains were disinterred and buried under a dunghill, but after the Restoration they were restored to their original resting place.
Invisible traces of quartz, calcite, gypsum and feldspar, the dust of its resting place for more than two millennia, cling to the bronze.
She pointed to a crevice in the wall of the mountain surrounding the vulture resting place.
The large wooden doors of the gate creaked and groaned as they slowly swung from their resting place.
She grabbed the guitar from its resting place and went downstairs to the Florida room.
That final resting place of ponderous pachyderms would be, for the unscrupulous and disturbingly clean bad guy, the mother lode of ivory.
Medieval contemplatives kept their eyes on heaven, too, denying that this world is their real home and resting place.
With an indrawn breath she reverently slid the priceless parchment from its resting place.
She grabbed the small bike from its resting place against the chimney and with one foot on the pedal propelled it to the gate.
For his funeral the Archbishop's pall was borne by Sheffield steelworkers to his last resting place in the old churchyard in Bishopthorpe.
He takes note of the threat to his sphincteral cavity and the final resting place of the camera if he takes a picture of me.
The silence was broken by a car door slamming, followed by the sound of feet running towards my awkward resting place.
The nearby Cilllin, or burial ground, was used up to about 40 years ago as a final resting place for unbaptised babies.
The town represents the birthplace and final resting place of the the regiment's founder, Brigadier Luke Lillingston.
While the others went and paid their respects at Claudes bitterly fresh grave, Mum, Nan and I went to see Melly's beflowered resting place.
Ironically, Mr Egan's resting place is overlooked by the field where he met his untimely death in an electrocution.
I was always a bit wary of its claim to being the chosen resting place of Pocahontas.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If you move I give the word, and those arrows will find a resting place in you.
Ba'tiste reached for the cant hook, and balancing it lightly in one hand, sought a resting place on the edge of the flume.
Wikipedia shows that a gravestone has been placed on Mr. tull's resting place.
She thought of the little house as of a resting place from which she was to be debarred.
We have come to dedicate a portion of that field as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that this nation might live.
I'm pretty sure that's the last resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, so up that comes.
But often beneath an air of innocency, crime found a resting place.
That, too, one will find as ill a resting place as an upright thistle.
He could have no lovelier one than Skyros, and no quieter resting place.
I want a resting place somewhar, 'cause I ain't got none here.
With a fast-beating heart I watched it from my resting place.
Where to find a resting place for my tired steed and my aching head!
Nearby the palace are the Saadian Tombs, largely forgotten until rediscovered in 1917 and the resting place of one Morocco's most powerful sultanic dynasties.
For his resting place he is said to have chosen, in an attempt to thwart Satan, a pyramid tomb above ground, seated at a card table, holding a royal flush.
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