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Some 35 families are local resettlers, while the rest are transmigrants from Java.
Periods of rest are provided by the arrival of the squads of guisers, each in turn performing a sketch.
Around half the cases in Swindon are in gay men, while the rest are heterosexuals of both genders.
Among these nine, except the Rhesus macaque and Assamese macaque, the rest are exclusively found in Northeast India.
This does not, as mentioned, mean that ethics and the rest are themselves nonsense.
Some sheepish hands are raised and the rest are banished from his presence.
The rest are in catch-up mode, and for most October won't help them gain much ground.
The corollary then would be that the rest are simply dreamers, but what's wrong with providing readers with material to feed those dreams?
The rest are required to push themselves to the extreme of their ability, and injuries are the inevitable result.
On board two passengers have just proposed marriage while the rest are now busy pilfering the safety instruction cards.
The rest are being cared for by the remaining medical staff at the field hospital, at Bagram airfield in Afghanistan.
Wooden chairs with reclined backs and tables on which straw place mats rest are stained in sombre hues.
Most of the rest are either relatively secure or continually hampered by the interventionist policies going back nearly a century.
The rest are nuclear-encoded and are synthesized as precursor proteins on free cytosolic polysomes.
Transmitting on the frequency 100.9, the station devotes 60 per cent of its airtime to programmes in Tonga while the rest are in English.
Forty-four of the children have hearing problems or are deaf, and the rest are orphans.
The rest are in places that will not hamper BB's driving visibility, but will certainly keep his detailer busy.
We're quite confident about the first list but the rest are just guesstimates.
Granted, three of the bits work well, but the rest are so banal, so dull, so lifeless, that one has to wonder how this thing ever got released.
The vast majority are aid workers, and the rest are mainly involved in oil exploration, although there may also be a few tourists.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The rest are too barren and precipitous to afford a suitable place of abode even for the hardy Faroese.
If one rook of a colony gets into trouble, all the rest are worried about him directly.
But that the rest are univocally to be called laws, according to the best definition of the law in genere.
As yet only one caravel has come into port, but the rest are said to be not far off.
Birlady, birlady sir, you of all the rest are most welcome, what how doth your stomack after your carrowsing banquet?
I would except Simmias the theban, but all the rest are far behind you.
The church has two Dec. windows in the chancel, the rest are perp.
Seven subsidiaries of Persian Gulf Holding are producers, two are utility procurers and the rest are commercial companies.
Most of them have found their way into museums, and the rest are the treasured possessions of wealthy amateurs.
If you except coals, however, the rest are almost all duty-free.
One is a friendly society, and the rest are various kinds of guilds.
This morning hacker and Axtell were hanged and quartered, as the rest are.
All the rest are important, but their importance is subsidiary.
Now that I have seen many of them again and the rest are familiar to me in reproductions, I am astonished that at first sight I was bitterly disappointed.
They suppose that some intoxicants are fine while the rest are corrupting, and that we therefore shouldn't expand our repertoire of even mildly altered states.
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