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Breathing against an inspiratory resistive load is known to produce increases in plasma cytokines.
As the resistive work of breathing rises, the inspiratory muscles must generate more force to offset the increase.
Product groups include passive and electromechanical components, capacitors, resistive products, ferrites, fuses, inductors and filters.
The lower cost of resistive technology and its input flexibility has led to its dominance in the marketplace.
Even the most resistive of these locutions, however, do not explicitly embrace feminism or seek any larger political context.
Movement in a rectilinear manner decreases the resistive forces associated with the locomotor activity and minimizes the distance traveled.
Capacitive, piezo resistive, or piezoelectric sensors pick up these motion-triggered vibrations.
A strong, alternating current heats a resistive filament, causing it to emit electrons.
The equivalent electrical circuit consists of resistive and capacitance elements.
Haircuts have always been something my son is extremely resistive to that he tends to fight for all he is worth.
The local heaters pass the air over a resistive heating element to heat the air.
The work involved depositing a resistive nickle-phosphorus layer using electroless plating on a copper foil.
So I selected a more resistive gear and swung into a steady rhythm.
The thulium material never recovers from the upwards resistive change, and continues recovery to the normal state as the compound is further cooled.
While these units are equivalent for simple resistive circuits, they differ when loads exhibit electrical reactance.
There are various options with regards to power testing resistive and reactive.
Geophysical surveys help to detect mineralized bodies based on their magnetic, conductive, resistive, radioactive and gravimetric properties.
Many parts of the empire maintained distinctive cultures and these were at best resistive participants in the imperial project.
Radar absorbing material, containing resistive and sometimes magnetic substances, is used on military vehicles to reduce radar reflection.
Scaputothoracic muscle fatigue associated with alterations in scapulohumeral rhythm kinematics during maximum resistive shoulder elevation.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The first thing that a man begins to lose through the inroads of age is his resistive power.
When kidney disease exists the individual's resistive vitality is much lowered.
But more and more she became disinterested, totally inaccessible, resistive, had to be tube-fed.
Suppose, now, that the bacillus took such a new departure, and got ahead of our resistive power.
In the midst of this the lungs have their resistive vitality raised so as to throw off the disease.
When interfered with, she was resistive and sometimes let herself fall out of bed.
This morning lies in bed staring, resistive, again she is markedly cataleptic.
There she was described as quiet, mute, tube-fed, resistive.
We must give him endurance, quickness of response, and resistive force.
She soiled, refused food, and was resistive when anything was done to her.
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